Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Aliens as a species Part 1

   Aliens as a species how do we categorise them? if we were to listen to the mainstream scientist then according to NASA and others involved in the search for extraterrestrial life throughout the galaxy and universe, then life only occurs here on earth. What a load of twaddle !
    Here on Earth we have such a diverse group of life forms that it amounts to hundreds of thousands of different species, despite all those that no longer exist due to man's progress here on the planet. Microscopic creatures both land and air born as well as many marine varieties exist here, so why shouldn't they exist elsewhere ?
   Life has been known to exist at both extremes of temperatures, very hot and extremely cold, each diverse life form has it's own needs in order to exist. This is the reason why life should be prevalent throughout the Universe, there is no one set of rules or absolute degree for which life can proliferate.
    For many years now scientist at NASA have been sending probes and other craft to planets outside of our atmosphere and still they claim they have found no proof of life elsewhere, seemingly they would have us believe that here is the ultimate planet Earth and that this has the correct temperatures and quantities of air and water for life to exist.
    For many years now we have been visited by other entities from afar and perhaps nearer to our home planet than we may think possible. Throughout the UFO fraternity there is much speculation as to there being an UFO or Alien base on the far side of the Moon, Mars also may be a base for other life forms. Given the type of craft that have been seen here visiting the Earth travelling these distances would be simple indeed.
   Here on Earth it is more than likely that certain Alien races have been living both underground and beneath the Oceans for quite some time.UFOs have been witnessed entering and leaving the north Atlantic and also in the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica as well as many other places around the World. There is also the probability that an advanced  civilisation that is altogether different from our species has also existed here for tens of thousands of centuries and that it is this Alien race that we regularly have sightings of here on the mother Earth. 
  Other visitors or entities from afar pay us close attention whether it be for their own reasons or for the good of mankind can only be speculated about, hybridisation is thought to be one reason why Aliens abduct and another reason given is for the ultimate take over of this planet, they need to make us less violent. Alien Greys are the most often talked about and claimed to have been seen over the last century, differing in size and then there is the fabled reptilians seven feet tall or even bigger.Humanoid types also visit here and I for one believe that many of these races live in close proximity to our our home Planet, Venus is a likely place that we get visits from despite being told that this planet is full of gases and is poisonous with extremes that would make it uninhabitable.
   Recently the ISS international space station was claimed to be under attack from  some microscopic life form that was gradually eating away at the very fabric of the material it is built from, surely if  just one hundred or so miles away and life exist in the coldness of space then life must exist elsewhere.
   Chupacabras, Big foot and humanoids, greys and reptilians these are the most talked about species that may be paying us regular visits, these so called types we will be giving some more attention in the following posts.
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