Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Alien as a Species Part 5 Bigfoot/Yeti

Hmmn ! I can hear you thinking what has Bigfoot and Yeti got to do with Alien life forms and UFOs ? Well, maybe a lot more than you may have considered !
   I watch a certain paradigm shift program with regularity and one of the reports tells of an old man from Durham in the North east of England who as a child came into contact with an Alien craft during the War. The gentleman in question was a child of about five or six years old and was playing with one of his friends and when walking down the street noticed two what he called Alien greys at either side of the road and ahead of them was a distorted area which when they walked into it, found themselves confronted by an UFO.
  The two young lads were taken inside of the craft and tests were done by Greys and a humanoid form, much like a human with long blonde hair and in this room stood a tall hairy beast that the old man described as looking like Bigfoot.
I must tell you that I recently closed down another Paranormal website because of the type of people I was getting and the material that they wrote was unbelievable. Several so called Bigfoot investigators were contacted and I tried to get them to open up on the subject, one in particular spoke of how much time he had spent investigating Bigfoot yet when asked questions about his favourite subject he made excuses.
   I had received emails from one of these Bigfoot investigators who claimed to have seen UFOs as well as Bigfoot in wooded areas, he obviously thought the same as I do that they may not be an indigenous species.Trouble was, I couldn't get him to reveal enough on the findings he had claimed in order to paint a picture of what may be happening.
   Let's have a look at the Yeti, it was first seen many years ago in the Himalayas and Tibetan mountain areas. Bigfoot appeared in the northern areas of Canada and Alaska, one area is mostly barren and snow bound most of the time and the other is heavily wooded. Both areas would be good for keeping away from man since they were both away from the more normal working and living zones that man lived in and most likely never ventured.
   Over the years in America Bigfoot has been seen in lots of States and even claimed to have been seen in the Arizona Desert.Is this because there are more investigators ? there are huge numbers of so called Bigfoot investigators right across America and Canada.Are there really that many Bigfoot out there and if so why isn't there one piece of tangible proof, no bodies, no bones and when you ask one of them how come nothing is ever found, they answer bears go to die but we never find their skeletons !
   Is all this Bigfoot hunting just Paranoia ? Or are there an increasing number of this species to be found in the good ole USA ? maybe, just maybe they are not an indigenous species.Perhaps they come with UFOs and other species and this is the reason nothing has ever been found no bones or bodies just damage to trees and markings left by this creature.
   Is Bigfoot/Yeti an Alien Species ? and if so are they a playmate or pet or the last of a dying line of creatures from another Planet ? what do you think.

One last thing , there won't be any more on this series about Alien Species as we could go on forever, the main thing to remember is that you need to have your head on straight when reading about so called Aliens that you read about or see videos of. Why ? because they aren't all real and there isn't one shred of evidence that can establish that there is actually any creature or Aliens at all. 
  Everything on this subject and the opinions are of the writer myself and don't necessarily constitute the real truth, but then what is the truth ? If you hold some tangible evidence that points toward an Alien Civilisation or have a piece of a craft then let us know all about it.