Wednesday, 23 May 2012

UFOs and the truth

Are you a true believer of UFOs ? are you like myself one who has had close contact ? do you wish for the truth to be known ? or do you prefer to follow foolishly made video by idiocrats who laugh at those of us who truly know that we are not alone !
    One such believer is Dr Stephen Greer he who led the Disclosure project back in 2002 and continues to strive for the truth to be made known, help him and others who believe to get to the truth and let everyone else know what is happening here on the planet. Spread the word ,donate and show off this video to others, give your time to those who wish to learn and open up this hidden world for all to see and tell them that you believe.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Time travel an introduction Part 1

Hope you liked the last post on Parallel Realities and just to get you more into the swing of things here is another offering from Chris Schweitzer all about time travel. Do Aliens and UFOs use Time Travel to slip into and out of our Universe ?It very well could be a possibility,read his first post and consider what you have already been told about parallel universes and then maybe you might have some ideas about UFO incursions here on mother Earth.

Time Travel an Introduction Part 1.
By Chris Schweitzer a Quantum Physics Researcher.


Time Travel Part-1, Introduction

posted Apr 06, 2012 by ChrisSchweitzer
What does time travel have to do with UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation? Well, if we assume that extraterrestrials come to our planet from another solar system it would take a very long time for them to get here. The key word here is "time". The skeptics will often argue, "The extraterrestrials have to travel many light years to get here, that would take years and years to traverse such a long distance, even if they traveled at the speed of light". Well, that seems like a good argument that the skeptics should win but, the skeptics will lose this argument.
The speed of light in vacuum, usually denoted by c, is a universal physical constant is 186,000 miles per second, (300,000 kilometers per second). Additionally, it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate an object with mass to the speed of light.
Let's look at this example. The binary star system Alpha Centauri A and B are our nearest sun-like neighbors (a third, smaller star in the Centauri system, the red dwarf Proxima Centauri, is a bit closer to the Earth), but it's still a long way from here, four light years to be exact. To date no planets, have been found in the Alpha Centauri system but if there were a habitable planet there with an advanced civilization that has the technology to travel close to the speed of light it would take them just over four years, (of our time) to reach Earth.
The skeptic will say, "We could watch/observe; through a telescope as an space ship from Alpha Centauri blasted-off and it would take just over four years to get here and land on the White House lawn". But, the skeptic is wrong.
If we were looking through a telescope at a space ship from Alpha Centauri blasting-off, what we are actually seeing is it blasting-off four years ago. It took those four years for the light to travel from Alpha Centauri to the lens of the telescope. This means that while you are watching the space ship blasting-off, it is about to land right here on Earth.
Yes, it is true, it would take four years for the alien ship from Alpha Centauri to reach Earth, by our passage of time but, for the occupants of the space ship it will have taken just a few moments of their passage of time. This is where the concept that, "time is relative to the observer" comes from. For the occupants of the space ship, time is moving very, very slowly. Why? Because they are traveling at close to the speed of light. The occupants of the space ship from Alpha Centauri traveled four years to our future, they time traveled.
The fact is that the faster you travel the slower time passes. This is called the kinematic effect, the result of motion. The kinematic effect is one of the two forces that can control the passage of time. The second force that can control the passage of time is the force of gravity. We will talk about the force of gravity and how it controls the passage of time in Part–2.
The kinematic effect is seen with the satellites used in the Global Positioning System. The clocks on GPS satellites are traveling at approximately 8,424 mph, (14,000 km/hour) so they must be calibrated to compensate for the kinematic effect in order to be accurate. If the satellite's clocks were not calibrated to compensate for the kinematic effect GPS would not work properly.|maing8|dl4|sec3_lnk1%26pLid%3D152622

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Parallel Universes an introduction

It is with great anticipation that I bring you the first part of Chris Schweitzers Parallel Realities, this has been on my other website ufoworldcentral and since there is only a token translator on that site I have decided with Chris's permission that I would place it here for all to read.
   So what is Parallel Realities, it is all about alternative universes, yes, parallel Universes  to be correct. Have you ever considered that UFO incursion and sightings of them appearing and quickly disappearing could be something to do with them coming from another universe altogether.
   Chris has some interesting ideas that he has been working on and could be of interest to anyone who really wants to know about UFOs and Aliens visiting our planet. Chris is by the way an `Quantum Physics Researcher` and he also has written posts on my website ufoworldcentral on time travel.

Chris Schweitzers introduction to Parallel Realities.Part1

Is it plausible that our reality, our universe is the only one that exists? Because we do not see anything “out there”, other than our own cosmos, the response, “Ours is the only reality” remains valid and credible. Discoveries of modern science now point to another possibility; there may be other realities, parallel realities. Could there really be universes that we cannot see? Could there be parallel realities? When I say parallel realities I am also saying parallel universes. Parallel realities and parallel universes are, after all, the same thing. 
The idea of other parallel universes or parallel realities sounds like science fiction and fantasy but they are the subject of serious scientific investigation. 
The origin of the physical laws of nature and the source of the fundamental forces requires the concept of other parallel universes. 
A large number of theoretical physicists and cosmologists are convinced that there are billions or even an infinite number of other universes. A recent survey showed that more than half of the physicists polled stated that, “Other universes, other realities do exist.” Who are some of these physicists? The list of names would be too long to fit in space of this Topic but, here is the short list: Stephen W. Hawking: University of Cambridge, Max Tegmark: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alan Guth: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michio Kaku: City University of New York, Burt Ovrut: University of Pennsylvania, Paul Steinhardt: Princeton University, Michael Duff: University of Michigan, Lisa Randall: Harvard University, Neil Turok: Cambridge University, Brian Greene: Columbia University, Fred Alan Wolf: San Diego State University. 
So, what is a parallel reality? It is a region of space and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and living beings. In other words, a parallel reality is similar and possibly even a near duplicate of our own universe. Not only in a parallel reality must there be other human beings, but these may be human beings who are near duplicates of ourselves and who are connected to ourselves through mechanisms explainable only by using the concepts of quantum physics-the physics that govern the behavior of atomic and subatomic matter. Parallel duplication of what already exists is an important feature of parallel universes according to the way some physicists view them. Accordingly, there are parallel yous and mes somehow existing in the same space and time that we live in but normally not seen or sensed by us. In these universes, choices and decisions are being made at the very instant you are choosing and deciding. Only the outcomes are different, leading to different but similar worlds. 
In part-2 we will find where these other parallel realities are located and learn how modern science knows they exist. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Alien as a Species Part 5 Bigfoot/Yeti

Hmmn ! I can hear you thinking what has Bigfoot and Yeti got to do with Alien life forms and UFOs ? Well, maybe a lot more than you may have considered !
   I watch a certain paradigm shift program with regularity and one of the reports tells of an old man from Durham in the North east of England who as a child came into contact with an Alien craft during the War. The gentleman in question was a child of about five or six years old and was playing with one of his friends and when walking down the street noticed two what he called Alien greys at either side of the road and ahead of them was a distorted area which when they walked into it, found themselves confronted by an UFO.
  The two young lads were taken inside of the craft and tests were done by Greys and a humanoid form, much like a human with long blonde hair and in this room stood a tall hairy beast that the old man described as looking like Bigfoot.
I must tell you that I recently closed down another Paranormal website because of the type of people I was getting and the material that they wrote was unbelievable. Several so called Bigfoot investigators were contacted and I tried to get them to open up on the subject, one in particular spoke of how much time he had spent investigating Bigfoot yet when asked questions about his favourite subject he made excuses.
   I had received emails from one of these Bigfoot investigators who claimed to have seen UFOs as well as Bigfoot in wooded areas, he obviously thought the same as I do that they may not be an indigenous species.Trouble was, I couldn't get him to reveal enough on the findings he had claimed in order to paint a picture of what may be happening.
   Let's have a look at the Yeti, it was first seen many years ago in the Himalayas and Tibetan mountain areas. Bigfoot appeared in the northern areas of Canada and Alaska, one area is mostly barren and snow bound most of the time and the other is heavily wooded. Both areas would be good for keeping away from man since they were both away from the more normal working and living zones that man lived in and most likely never ventured.
   Over the years in America Bigfoot has been seen in lots of States and even claimed to have been seen in the Arizona Desert.Is this because there are more investigators ? there are huge numbers of so called Bigfoot investigators right across America and Canada.Are there really that many Bigfoot out there and if so why isn't there one piece of tangible proof, no bodies, no bones and when you ask one of them how come nothing is ever found, they answer bears go to die but we never find their skeletons !
   Is all this Bigfoot hunting just Paranoia ? Or are there an increasing number of this species to be found in the good ole USA ? maybe, just maybe they are not an indigenous species.Perhaps they come with UFOs and other species and this is the reason nothing has ever been found no bones or bodies just damage to trees and markings left by this creature.
   Is Bigfoot/Yeti an Alien Species ? and if so are they a playmate or pet or the last of a dying line of creatures from another Planet ? what do you think.

One last thing , there won't be any more on this series about Alien Species as we could go on forever, the main thing to remember is that you need to have your head on straight when reading about so called Aliens that you read about or see videos of. Why ? because they aren't all real and there isn't one shred of evidence that can establish that there is actually any creature or Aliens at all. 
  Everything on this subject and the opinions are of the writer myself and don't necessarily constitute the real truth, but then what is the truth ? If you hold some tangible evidence that points toward an Alien Civilisation or have a piece of a craft then let us know all about it.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Dragos and other species Part 4

Dragos, yes you heard they are supposed to be some highly intelligent species of Alien that control much of the US Military Black Projects.Large reptilian like and winged that stand as much as eight to twelve feet tall, they have no time for humans although they are claimed to work with scientists beneath the ground in secret bases on all manner of tasks such as UFO craft building, hybridisation and the creation of an alternative species to replace humans.
  They have a temper and lo and behold anyone that crosses them as they are hell bent on carrying out their tasks without interference from any entity other than their own.Superior species above and beyond all others and like other species arrived here in large craft and apparently direct governments around the World.
  I am open minded and can understand where all this comes from , you see as a child I read plenty of MARVEL Comics, Superman, Batman and Robin, Green lantern, the Hulk and the Fantastic Four as well as Captain America. Just what have these people been reading or smoking !
  Look it's as plain as the nose on your face that if you believe major bullshit like this then you belong with the fairies at the bottom of my garden.Like much of what is on You Tube about Aliens and UFOs it is pure fantasy, this stuff is marketable and if you don't believe me that take a look at Roswell ! Alieninn and all manner of stuff you can take home with you after a visit to the most remarkable place on Earth for a keepsake.
  Now don't get me wrong I do believe that there is something that happened at Roswell and it wasn't an air balloon either, you know if you follow this Blog that I have already wrote about the subject and investigated it through the reading of the MAJESTIC FILES and other background checks.
   The internet is full of crap about Aliens and UFOs and much of it is put there to mislead us and if you believe it then you need to stop smoking the weed ! put away the tablets and cleanse your brain. Here on this Blog and on my Website we believe in finding out the truth. Chupacabras and other so called Alien species are just mythical, created by clever people who are non believers and just want to kid you and me.It is likely that so called captured chupacabras are just another poor indigenous species that is getting the crap beat out of it because it looks unreal.
  Get real and get with us, stop believing what all these manic idiots are showing us and telling us is real, when you know deep in your hearts it isn't.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Aliens as a Species Part 3 Reptilians

   More than any other species of Alien, these have to be one of the most daunting of them all, the reptilian . Rumoured to be on the planet perhaps living in underground bases and working alongside scientists and the military,especially in the USA and the UK. Everything from the construction of UFOs to mind control and hybridisation programs have been claimed by the investigating UFO fraternity.
Fiercely strong and silent apparently in charge of various programs around the world and claimed to be the ultimate controllers of our destiny and perhaps have been in control of our world for quite some time now.The Reptilian stands at least seven feet tall and is immensely powerful both in strength and stature,they reputedly hold  little regard for anything but themselves and consider the human race an inferior species.
  If you would believe some people, these reptilians are in control of the world and even are some of our most prominent politicians with a long list of who is and who isn't.Without doubt any species could become an intelligent and superior species given the luck of chance, just because humans here are in charge of our world doesn't mean other creatures couldn't become leaders of their worlds.
   So lets look at the reptilian and consider how would they go about creating and building craft that are capable of crossing the star system and travel immense distances, how would they do it ? Large claw like hands with extremely long nails or claws are not adept at building and manipulative skills would be poor. Strength alone isn't going to build you a craft capable of crossing the galaxies. 
  Communication has to be a strong point, so if their physical make up is similar to that of reptiles here on earth, they would not have the ability to talk to one another, so telepathy would have to be strong or else nothing would get done.Why then given that they consider themselves superior to us do they hide beneath the earth itself ? surely something that was as arrogant as this would not care about secrecy and would go about enslaving the human race to create whatever for it.
    Do they exist ? personally I say no, the very idea of a reptilian species becoming overly intelligent and holding our governments to ransom with advanced technically driven craft and other technologies is far fetched, I don't believe that they exist and neither should you. Remember anyone who writes books on such things will tell you what you wish to hear with the sole intent of fooling you into buying their manifest of lies.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Aliens as a Species, Part 2 The Greys

Seen more often than any other entity, the Grey Alien supposedly responsible for abductions and mutilations of cattle and other animals has been seen all around the world.Build of the grey is said to be between three and five feet although there have been reports of smaller beings as little as two feet tall. 
  Typically called grey because of the distinguished colour, it really is nearer to reddish brown with streaks of grey almost marbled in a fashion. Almond shaped eyes that are piercing and intensely dark, with a slim neck and limp elongated arms.
The arms or limbs are described as being lengthy beyond the knee and this creature has also been misinterpreted as a praying mantis like being, consider the arms extended above the waist line and it becomes clear why it has been described so.
   Often seen either in or on farm land with implements fitted about cattle whilst going about relieving the animal of it's blood and often it internal organs.Also claimed to have been seen in UFOs after an abduction as in the case of Travis Walton who was abducted whilst his working friends watched helplessly as he rose in the air toward the craft.Travis reappeared several days later somewhat dazed after his experience.
   So are the greys for real or just someone's imagination and if so where do they emanate from ? By all accounts they have been reported as telling abductees that they originate from Zeta Reticuli, this star system is only viewed from the southern hemisphere and is approximately thirty nine light years away from the Earth.
  More than likely they are real, Alien Greys in various sizes may be a race all of it's own however there have been reports of them assisting humanoid type Aliens. Whether this assisting humanoid types is a regular feature or the humanoids are actually responsible for the creation of the greys can only be speculated on, I personally believe they are cloned beings that have been created for the use of humanoids, Greys would then be the drones of the queens so to speak. Consider your self a visitor to a Planet where atrocities often take place both in wartime and out of war time, wouldn't you send something with no real value as a front line of defence and to investigate the beings on that planet first.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Aliens as a species Part 1

   Aliens as a species how do we categorise them? if we were to listen to the mainstream scientist then according to NASA and others involved in the search for extraterrestrial life throughout the galaxy and universe, then life only occurs here on earth. What a load of twaddle !
    Here on Earth we have such a diverse group of life forms that it amounts to hundreds of thousands of different species, despite all those that no longer exist due to man's progress here on the planet. Microscopic creatures both land and air born as well as many marine varieties exist here, so why shouldn't they exist elsewhere ?
   Life has been known to exist at both extremes of temperatures, very hot and extremely cold, each diverse life form has it's own needs in order to exist. This is the reason why life should be prevalent throughout the Universe, there is no one set of rules or absolute degree for which life can proliferate.
    For many years now scientist at NASA have been sending probes and other craft to planets outside of our atmosphere and still they claim they have found no proof of life elsewhere, seemingly they would have us believe that here is the ultimate planet Earth and that this has the correct temperatures and quantities of air and water for life to exist.
    For many years now we have been visited by other entities from afar and perhaps nearer to our home planet than we may think possible. Throughout the UFO fraternity there is much speculation as to there being an UFO or Alien base on the far side of the Moon, Mars also may be a base for other life forms. Given the type of craft that have been seen here visiting the Earth travelling these distances would be simple indeed.
   Here on Earth it is more than likely that certain Alien races have been living both underground and beneath the Oceans for quite some time.UFOs have been witnessed entering and leaving the north Atlantic and also in the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica as well as many other places around the World. There is also the probability that an advanced  civilisation that is altogether different from our species has also existed here for tens of thousands of centuries and that it is this Alien race that we regularly have sightings of here on the mother Earth. 
  Other visitors or entities from afar pay us close attention whether it be for their own reasons or for the good of mankind can only be speculated about, hybridisation is thought to be one reason why Aliens abduct and another reason given is for the ultimate take over of this planet, they need to make us less violent. Alien Greys are the most often talked about and claimed to have been seen over the last century, differing in size and then there is the fabled reptilians seven feet tall or even bigger.Humanoid types also visit here and I for one believe that many of these races live in close proximity to our our home Planet, Venus is a likely place that we get visits from despite being told that this planet is full of gases and is poisonous with extremes that would make it uninhabitable.
   Recently the ISS international space station was claimed to be under attack from  some microscopic life form that was gradually eating away at the very fabric of the material it is built from, surely if  just one hundred or so miles away and life exist in the coldness of space then life must exist elsewhere.
   Chupacabras, Big foot and humanoids, greys and reptilians these are the most talked about species that may be paying us regular visits, these so called types we will be giving some more attention in the following posts.
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