Sunday, 8 April 2012

UFO Military Witness

   Back in 1975 a Marine Reserve Squadron Captain  was on a flight trainer with five naval Officer Pilots aboard his craft. He was on a two hour flight  that began and ended at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola,Fla. at around thirty three thousand feet they spotted a solid red light which later turned out to be an UFO. 
   This is one of those rare witness statements that emanates from a retired military man that has been buried for quite some time.This largely is the problem with the task of proving that UFOs actually do exist, the material or statements come to light many years after the fact.I have no doubt that there are many more such UFO incursions that have never seen the light of day thanks to the military and governments burying the truth. This makes for interesting reading and the fact that six men actually witnessed this event at one time helps to back up the story.
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