Thursday, 5 April 2012

Time Travel and Parallel Universes

Well, you are probably thinking where has this guy been all this time, now he is back and posts twice in one day ! Well I will tell you the truth I had created another website for all Paranormal activity and what a bloody waste of time that was, despite getting many visitors to the site very few actually joined in . This would indicate that most other paranormal groups are one scared of the scientific view or don't know what to say about the matter that they claim to be interested in, what a load of bollocks !
  I won't spend one more moment chatting "shite" with these other groups as they live in a World of fantasy.Now let's get down to some serious views on the subject of UFOs and disclosure.
 I wrote a post sometime back on Time Travel and stated that it was supposedly not possible, now what do you think, was I wrong ? Well a friend of mine and an eminent Scientist has the angles on this subject and boy does it make some interesting reading.
   Time travel and Parallel Universe theory if this is up your street then you will want to know what he has to say. Chris Schweitzer is presently working on his theory and can give us an insight into Parallel Worlds and Universes and possibly even indicate that the UFO incursions we have sighted every day could be craft and other intelligent beings passing through some time dilation. Want to know more then go to my website
  Then go to the forums page and sign in to read some startling theory that will make you think more about your favourite subject; then afterwards go to the UFO sightings page and the drop down tab for his radio interview on Parallel just know you are going to love every minute of it !!