Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Air to Air UFO encounters

I see there have been a number of close air to air UFO encounters recently, people flying as passengers in aeroplanes around the World capturing UFOs on video. Doesn't it seem somewhat strange almost as if it was fashionable !
   Not to miss out, I thought I might look out for some UFOs whilst flying myself.It just so happens myself and my wife are going abroad tomorrow and the destination Majorca an Island off the coast of Spain, so camera at the ready and you never know do you ?
   If I am lucky enough to get one in my sights then you can reckon on seeing it here as soon as I get back , or even sooner If I can get to load it onto another computer whilst on holiday. Well, what if I don't see any UFOs whilst up in the air?
   Hmmn ! it just goes to show that evidence of an UFO isn't something that generally happens to everyone, yes, that is right ! Being in a particular place isn't guaranteed to get you a visit, but you never know..