Friday, 16 December 2011

Iranian Flying Saucer Technology

Well, long time no see I suppose you are thinking; yes ! I haven't wrote anything for you lately and I make no apologies either. I have had other priorities other than to continually rip away at the bogus videos portrayed on You Tube and other video channels.
   This week has brought something to my attention which for once this year is actually interesting when considering the UFO interest around the World,the capture of an US drone in Iran.So what makes the story quiet so interesting ? well the statement by the Iranian authorities that they captured this drone using the advanced technologies ie; UFO type craft to capture this drone.
    Iranian authorities apparently stated that they have actually offered this advanced propulsion technology to NASA , they turned it down. Well, why would a so called advanced propulsion system or craft not be of interest to the USA? probably because they have for years denied such technology exists. Iran also claimed to be interested in peace not war and you know what ? I actually believe them. Since they had a war back about twenty years ago with Iraq and many lost their lives due to the fighting Iran hasn't to my knowledge made any advances against any other countries since.Iran wants peace and I believe them.

  It would appear that whilst the west has been busy making accusations of Iranian nuclear missile technology, they have been hard at work evolving technologies that we know about but have had hidden from us for years. Free energy and craft that fly with an advanced propulsion system, Iranian scientist stated that they brought down this drone that was spying (note the word) over the country of Iran, by means of beams used from their flying saucer similar to the smaller craft seen on many a story earlier this year.
    If you follow Ufology and have read about the hidden technologies that remain a secret under the guise of Black operations mostly in the USA that you will be aware of and is supposed to be around. Anti gravity type craft with propulsion systems capable of fantastic speeds and all manner of back engineered technologies gained from the capture of Alien craft.

    Nearly one week on the US government now tries to deny it is one of their drones that has been captured, they say it does not meet the build requirements for stealth technology ! Pull the other one hey ! The fact is that the US military stated categorically that they had been flying over Iran with their drones and that they had lost one over that country. Reminiscent of Roswell stories I think, first it was, then it wasn't bullshit..
   Another story about how the drone was brought to ground undamaged is that using Iranian technology they spoofed the GPS system and guided the drone to earth, which story you believe is entirely up to you. I personally don't care which story is correct I am cock a hoop that they managed to get their hands on this thing.
   See here for the story from FARS new agency about Iran's flying saucer technology and pictures ..