Sunday, 23 October 2011

UFOs over Antarctica

Ufos over Antarctica shown here on video and slow motion film, look closely to see the small light objects travel cross the sky from the dark rock formations to the right half way up the picture.This video is claimed not to have been tampered with by the producer, yet I see something unusual here that is not an UFO.
   I have speculated before about Bases for UFO or otherwise Black technologies being deployed or used /visible in the Antarctic area. These cold and far off regions would be ideal as a hiding place whether it be black technologies or other visitors from the galaxies. Sure enough as the commentator on the video states the movement of these UFOs does not fit the description of normal craft in that they move in different directions and rapidly.
   When you have finished studying the objects flying about rewind slightly and look at the large area on the ground where the where there is an amount of snow and what is that black object on the ground that appears? see the light about certain other objects on the ground moving these aren't UFOs.Look again at that black object on the ground how it appears then moves off at an incredible speed, looks like a vehicle but it just disappears !