Monday, 24 October 2011

UFO Australia

   UFO October 2011 on You Tube , so what is it? Certainly looks suspect;I mean look at it.Does it look like an UFO or a radio controlled helicopter? or maybe some other type of radio controlled craft. I tried to freeze frame as it crossed the screen and all I got every time was a double image, is this frame overlay?
   You can't zoom in on the You Tube video because it won't let you! then look at it once more as it crosses the screen and then suddenly right angles away from you, did you see ?
   No, well I will tell you, to the right at the point where it reaches fifty three seconds on the video two dark objects appear on the right hand side of the screen, more UFOs perhaps or something mysterious going on! Yes , I would say someone is trying to pull a fast one again, this is spoof video and the maker needs to get a life. Take a look yourself...