Monday, 31 October 2011

Alien bases on the Moon

Alien bases on the Moon are they for real? I thought that when I was younger I had seen all the Apollo missions.Apparently the last three Apollo planned missions were canceled due to funding, so they never went, did they?
   Much goes on without us being informed especially when it comes to Governments and secret establishments, NASA and the US Military, Government don't feel that they are answerable to anyone but themselves. Did they send more Apollo missions without informing the general public? or are these videos of so called space craft and Aliens just fraud.
   Remember the first Astronaut to arrive back from the Moon, instead of jumping for joy and with jubilation at having returned safely from our nearest planet, they looked stunned but never revealed what it was that they saw. Were they stifled by the American Military and NASA from saying or revealing their finds on the Moon?

    View the Video here and make up your own mind, remember it  may be true and it might not, after all who trust the Government on anything they say !