Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Remote Viewing and UFOs

Years ago the US Military started to experiment with a way of finding out about secret installations in other countries such as Russia where by using candidates with Psychic abilities. The emphasis was on searching for Russian submarines and nuclear installations, underground establishments and other unknown military hardware. Such investigation could entail seeking out certain individuals high up the chain of office in foreign governments, there where about's and perhaps even discussions that were taking place.
    Remote viewing became an art in the hands of the military establishments, tens of millions of dollars was spent by the US Military and probably just as much by the Russians, trying to get a lead on each others secrets and movements. A team of highly trained individuals would work proactively to find out what each side didn't know.
  Those who took place in these experimental stages of remote viewing were eager to tell all to others, however they were kept quiet by the authorities who made them sign the secrets act. Only those who could attain an eighty five percent pass rate when viewing would be used for military purposes, others if they couldn't reach these goals would not be used.
   Apparently when remote viewing those who took part would use their abilities to seek out an unknown place and make notes using words for association and build up a picture that eventually would be drawn by the occupant, often indicating that they had achieved the goal set out by their leading officers. After several years the group disbanded and funding was withdrew from this experimental technology.
  It is rumored that once again experiments involving remote viewing are once again on the rise especially by the US Military. One wonders why they have decided to renew efforts on such abilities carried out by a few gifted individuals. I know that there are many who claim to be psychic and work within the paranormal and have such abilities, often they remark that they can remote view.
   So what is so special about this being able to see what is happening somewhere else at present in the past or the future ? Perhaps the recent search for the likes of Muammar Gaddafi or even the late Saddam Hussein. both who have evaded the invading forces. Then there is the secret technologies they might hope to steal from each other.
 I have a nasty feeling that with the surge of arrests of certain individuals, who make things known on the internet that certain governments would rather keep to themselves; this and the likes of Wiki Leaks has them worried. Maybe they hope to view were some hidden and anonymous groups are working from, Anonymous themselves who have been attacking servers on large network sites, Banks and other establishments.
   I had the impression that remote viewing was an out of body experience, reading what other paranormal investigators have said on a certain site I am part of leads to think I am right.Writing and drawing would then be a waste of time, reason is that the individual taking part in remote viewing could explain word for word what they had seen or even heard. Maybe I am wrong and some of those out there with claimed psychic abilities could set me straight.
     Wondering why an UFO investigation site is so interested in this subject ? well it occurred to me that maybe just such an exercise could be used to understand those who have claimed to have been abducted by Extraterrestrials or even visited by UFOs. Then there is this mysterious mutilations of Cattle and other animals even the odd Human being.Could we not remote view into these areas before or after such an event? What of UFOs themselves if the power to see into far off countries is I am assured an ability that we all have hidden; then maybe we can see into these craft or even view bases on the surface of the Moon or other planets.
Watch this video for a more elegant explanation on remote viewing..