Saturday, 3 September 2011

Elenin now a tetrahedron shaped craft

We have an update on Comet Elenin, after Richard Hoagland stated the other day that the Comet had been hit by some sort of flare from jupiter and showed a video of the Comet seemingly breaking up. I reported this here and now he says there is a conspiracy to give the impression that Comet Elenin is in pieces ! Make your mind up Mr Hoagland, we can only report what you have told the World, not a fairy story.
    So to carry on with the intrepid voyage of Elenin, Richard Hoagland has reiterated that the Comet is still with us, and now it appears as an Tetrahedron shape, supposedly a force field that developed after the burst of radiation or explosion from the planet Jupiter.

Now this isn't the video portrayed on You Tube the other day, reason it isn't available is the user has removed it, so what are you saying Richard Hoagland ? what's this about a conspiracy about the Comet Elenin ? You showed a video the other day of Elenin exploding and now you have removed it..Hmmn !!
    Have a look at this picture here of the so called tetrahedron shape that is supposed to be Comet Elenin and see what you make of it, apparently it is now a force field.

I'm not gong to say anymore , I will just let you read Richard Hoaglands story on the events happening way out in space, then I can't be accused of a conspiracy !!