Monday, 5 September 2011

Elenin a controlled object

The controversy over Comet Elenin continues, after the news of the comet having made contact with something from the planet Jupiter several days ago, we now have  more video from it's orbit in space.It would appear that this strange comet has not broken up as suspected but rather it has now developed a force field about it's structure, the shape of a tetrahedron can be seen in the latest pictures from space.
    All along there has been a mystic idea about this being an Alien or alien craft, a fleet perhaps travelling towards the planet Earth. Many have speculated that this comet was on a collision course with our planet, it now appears to have changed course. Comets don't change course so what the hell is this ? Given how this heavenly body has managed to avoid destruction from some unknown force whilst passing the planet Jupiter, and then we can clearly see that it has changed course in space.
    Is the Hopi legend truth after all ? will we be seeing visitors from afar sometime soon ? does the Annunaki still exist or is this mere speculation. It would seem as thought we may not have too long to wait and find out, one thing is for sure this is no ordinary comet.