Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Comet Elenin according to Leonid Elenin.

What with all this speculation about the Comet Elenin, even I don't know which way this is going, did Elenin fragment or break up into pieces several days ago ?I'm not sure, I  posted this as being true and now someone else says it has a force field around it.
   After passing the planet Jupiter the Comet was thought to have disintegrated or fragmented into small pieces, then another said it had a shape about it and it appeared as a tetrahedron shaped craft. Now we have the man who brought the attention of the World to the Comet Elenin, Leonid Elenin.
   Leonid says that the Comet has broken into smaller fragments yet still travels toward the Earth, so what is this shape we can see in space ? Can it be possible that when the Comet passed Jupiter and apparently broke up that it is the gases from the explosion that we see and not a space craft as some would have us believe.