Sunday, 18 September 2011

Top Secret Russian UFO technology

Interesting video here showing what appears to be a large Circular UFO being drawn out of an aeroplane hangar. It's on You Tube and the caption says Top Secret Russian UFO, It certainly looks to be so and quite big for an earth bound UFO craft.
 I remember such shaped craft also being displayed on the evening news many years ago in England shaped much like a flying saucer but a modern Airship. We can't be sure that this isn't that old film from a news program that we can see here, with the caption suggesting otherwise.I would certainly like to think this was Alien craft technology being demonstrated here but the pessimist in me suggests otherwise..

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Remote Viewing and UFOs

Years ago the US Military started to experiment with a way of finding out about secret installations in other countries such as Russia where by using candidates with Psychic abilities. The emphasis was on searching for Russian submarines and nuclear installations, underground establishments and other unknown military hardware. Such investigation could entail seeking out certain individuals high up the chain of office in foreign governments, there where about's and perhaps even discussions that were taking place.
    Remote viewing became an art in the hands of the military establishments, tens of millions of dollars was spent by the US Military and probably just as much by the Russians, trying to get a lead on each others secrets and movements. A team of highly trained individuals would work proactively to find out what each side didn't know.
  Those who took place in these experimental stages of remote viewing were eager to tell all to others, however they were kept quiet by the authorities who made them sign the secrets act. Only those who could attain an eighty five percent pass rate when viewing would be used for military purposes, others if they couldn't reach these goals would not be used.
   Apparently when remote viewing those who took part would use their abilities to seek out an unknown place and make notes using words for association and build up a picture that eventually would be drawn by the occupant, often indicating that they had achieved the goal set out by their leading officers. After several years the group disbanded and funding was withdrew from this experimental technology.
  It is rumored that once again experiments involving remote viewing are once again on the rise especially by the US Military. One wonders why they have decided to renew efforts on such abilities carried out by a few gifted individuals. I know that there are many who claim to be psychic and work within the paranormal and have such abilities, often they remark that they can remote view.
   So what is so special about this being able to see what is happening somewhere else at present in the past or the future ? Perhaps the recent search for the likes of Muammar Gaddafi or even the late Saddam Hussein. both who have evaded the invading forces. Then there is the secret technologies they might hope to steal from each other.
 I have a nasty feeling that with the surge of arrests of certain individuals, who make things known on the internet that certain governments would rather keep to themselves; this and the likes of Wiki Leaks has them worried. Maybe they hope to view were some hidden and anonymous groups are working from, Anonymous themselves who have been attacking servers on large network sites, Banks and other establishments.
   I had the impression that remote viewing was an out of body experience, reading what other paranormal investigators have said on a certain site I am part of leads to think I am right.Writing and drawing would then be a waste of time, reason is that the individual taking part in remote viewing could explain word for word what they had seen or even heard. Maybe I am wrong and some of those out there with claimed psychic abilities could set me straight.
     Wondering why an UFO investigation site is so interested in this subject ? well it occurred to me that maybe just such an exercise could be used to understand those who have claimed to have been abducted by Extraterrestrials or even visited by UFOs. Then there is this mysterious mutilations of Cattle and other animals even the odd Human being.Could we not remote view into these areas before or after such an event? What of UFOs themselves if the power to see into far off countries is I am assured an ability that we all have hidden; then maybe we can see into these craft or even view bases on the surface of the Moon or other planets.
Watch this video for a more elegant explanation on remote viewing..

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wiki Leaks cable relating to ET

News of a reference to Other life elsewhere in the solar system is made in a Wiki Leaks cable. An Afghan leader Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev is reported to have made several references to extraterrestrial life in cables sent to the US.These statements included talks about an area for the US Armed forces in Dushanbe a heavily built up area of Afghanistan.
Suggestions are that the interpretor or interpretation of Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev were somewhat difficult, inferring that he garbled or spoke incoherently. With this in mind one wonders whether the Afghans know more than we do about UFOs and Alien civilisations. There remains the possibility that the dialect used by Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev is difficult to interpret completely, perhaps a misunderstanding in the language barrier itself.
See the Wiki Leaks cable for yourself and read the first two paragraphs that show the remarks relating to other life outside of the planet.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Comet Elenin according to Leonid Elenin.

What with all this speculation about the Comet Elenin, even I don't know which way this is going, did Elenin fragment or break up into pieces several days ago ?I'm not sure, I  posted this as being true and now someone else says it has a force field around it.
   After passing the planet Jupiter the Comet was thought to have disintegrated or fragmented into small pieces, then another said it had a shape about it and it appeared as a tetrahedron shaped craft. Now we have the man who brought the attention of the World to the Comet Elenin, Leonid Elenin.
   Leonid says that the Comet has broken into smaller fragments yet still travels toward the Earth, so what is this shape we can see in space ? Can it be possible that when the Comet passed Jupiter and apparently broke up that it is the gases from the explosion that we see and not a space craft as some would have us believe.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Elenin a controlled object

The controversy over Comet Elenin continues, after the news of the comet having made contact with something from the planet Jupiter several days ago, we now have  more video from it's orbit in space.It would appear that this strange comet has not broken up as suspected but rather it has now developed a force field about it's structure, the shape of a tetrahedron can be seen in the latest pictures from space.
    All along there has been a mystic idea about this being an Alien or alien craft, a fleet perhaps travelling towards the planet Earth. Many have speculated that this comet was on a collision course with our planet, it now appears to have changed course. Comets don't change course so what the hell is this ? Given how this heavenly body has managed to avoid destruction from some unknown force whilst passing the planet Jupiter, and then we can clearly see that it has changed course in space.
    Is the Hopi legend truth after all ? will we be seeing visitors from afar sometime soon ? does the Annunaki still exist or is this mere speculation. It would seem as thought we may not have too long to wait and find out, one thing is for sure this is no ordinary comet.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

UFO over Hertfordshire, England

UFO over Hertfordshire village, England on the 1 September 2011, pictures and frame shots showing the UFO slow motion as it crosses over the houses..

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Elenin now a tetrahedron shaped craft

We have an update on Comet Elenin, after Richard Hoagland stated the other day that the Comet had been hit by some sort of flare from jupiter and showed a video of the Comet seemingly breaking up. I reported this here and now he says there is a conspiracy to give the impression that Comet Elenin is in pieces ! Make your mind up Mr Hoagland, we can only report what you have told the World, not a fairy story.
    So to carry on with the intrepid voyage of Elenin, Richard Hoagland has reiterated that the Comet is still with us, and now it appears as an Tetrahedron shape, supposedly a force field that developed after the burst of radiation or explosion from the planet Jupiter.

Now this isn't the video portrayed on You Tube the other day, reason it isn't available is the user has removed it, so what are you saying Richard Hoagland ? what's this about a conspiracy about the Comet Elenin ? You showed a video the other day of Elenin exploding and now you have removed it..Hmmn !!
    Have a look at this picture here of the so called tetrahedron shape that is supposed to be Comet Elenin and see what you make of it, apparently it is now a force field.

I'm not gong to say anymore , I will just let you read Richard Hoaglands story on the events happening way out in space, then I can't be accused of a conspiracy !!

Friday, 2 September 2011

UFOs over Russia

Looks like the first of September has brought out the UFOs once again ! here in Russia is a video showing what appears to be two or more UFOs flying across the night sky. Watch the video for about one and half minutes then the UFOs come into play, before this you only see search lights over a building site with a crane on top.
    Neatly they manoeuvre across the city and both come from the same direction but alter their flight path, one disappears after about one minute, the other does an about turn after hovering. So do you think they are real ? I do, not bad for blurred out video of helicopters !!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Elenin Destroyed in Space.

What with all the speculation about Comet Elenin heading toward the Earth and the prophets of doom sending the shivers down most peoples backs, a sudden turn of events may make it all appear to have been a dream. Comet Elenin whilst passing Jupiter may have been broken in two or even dissipated into fragments due to an explosion out in space.
   Richard Hoagland has put out a video of what appears to be a large explosion or some force coming from the planet Jupiter as the Comet crossed it's path, this resulted in what appears to be a broken Comet, possibly destroyed due to the impact from the explosion travelling toward it.In the video you can see clearly that there is an heavenly body that breaks in two as it shifts sideways in space from a force emanating from the planet Jupiter.