Sunday, 21 August 2011

UFOs and sighting reports

      Did you ever see something you couldn't
explain,maybe it was lights in the sky, a hot air balloon,Chinese lanterns or foil balloons. Then again maybe just maybe it was an Alien craft, an UFO that can't be explained.I am of the opinion that many sightings are by people who just want to believe in UFOs and Extraterrestrials, unfortunately many are just fooling themselves and occasionally someone has a real experience.
I had an experience back in 1999 you see you can't deny it when a sphere tracks you along a country lane and then afterwards a huge triangle craft seven hundred feet wide and long appears above your head at four thirty am in the morning.
   So we have a story line here that suggests that media reports are becoming quite common regarding UFOs, even that more are being seen and recognised in the evening skies by lots of people.Evidence is supported by video of many news programs with video of the sightings, are they all real ? I doubt it, we can't possibly group them all into one basket. Some might be genuine and others not,one thing for sure they don't appear just because you happen to take a camera out with you !