Monday, 29 August 2011

UFO Lights over the Bronx

Ufos over the Bronx, well at first it seemed highly likely ! then after watching the video for a while there appeared to be a triangle shape, this stayed for a while and I was kind of convinced we were looking at a real ufo, should say Alien craft.
  More UFOs came into view then the camera went to ground, why ? then up against the sky again, look if it's a real UFO then keep on filming and watching because when these things decide to go , it fast, extremely fast.
   After a while the triangle became something altogether different and I don't mean it morphed ! more lights appeared and I began to think more F*ck*ng Chinese lanterns, don't they just piss you off !
    Lastly why if they were UFOs didn't the camera man try to zoom in, was it a cheap camera ? most people wouldn't know an extraterrestrial craft if they bumped into one !
here's the crap video for you to see yourself..