Sunday, 28 August 2011

Star devoured by Black hole

     Out into the far reaches of space, on a collision course with a Black hole is a Star,not long though as this black hole is devouring everything in sight.NASA this week released a video of what is supposed to have happened to the star as it passed near to this black hole.

Images can be seen here that depict how a black hole engulfs anything that passes near to it, unfortunately the NASA simulated video is short and once again despite NASA's video being available for download, I can't get it at this moment, wonder why ?
Black holes have to be the most powerful; force in the universe, these things act way beyond anything that we could possibly imagine and is a rare find.So to give you the viewers a better choice of video I have chosen one from You Tube( yes it is good for somethings, perhaps not UFOs )..