Friday, 19 August 2011

Space storms tracked from Sun to Earth

With all the fuss about Elenin and NIbiru, one has to wonder why ? Recently we became aware that the alignment of Planets in the solar system affected deeply the weather here on Planet Earth.Tsunamis and earthquakes can be as a direct result of planet alignment, this proportionately will do more harm than the Comets that glance by this World of ours after all many will be as far away as two million miles or more.
The Suns ability to force great clouds of gas or plasma from it's surface will always be more inclined to affect what we endure here on the Planet,Interestingly enough this has always happened but we are still here.There has been a lot more noticeable change in weather patterns over the last two or three years and this almost definitely comes in waves, periodically weather goes through it's motions and unfortunately for some the affects are alarming,destructive and in worse case scenarios can kill some of the Earths inhabitants.
NASA has been investigating the storms on the surface of the Sun and continuously forged ahead with technology to get a birds eye view of what actually happens, this ultimately has led to a break through and we now get an enhanced video of events as they happen, this with solar weather patterns emerging just like we have here with the daily weather reports.