Monday, 29 August 2011

Extraterrestrial Starmans Skull found

If you visit here regularily, you will remember the post on the Star child  and the differences in the physiology of the skull;here we have an interesting bone structure that defies the human anatomy.
    A large eyed socket skull, that of a bone structure found in Denmark by workmen whilst digging.Some people have suggested it is similar to that of a monkeys skull, so I looked and no way is there any relation. A monkeys skull bulges at the point where the eye sockets are , this does not.

  Do we have more positive proof of extraterrestrial visitors in our past ? it would certainly suggest so ! This is an incredible find and needs more investigation and analysis to find out if there are any genetic and similarities to man in it's DNA.
    First thing that comes to mind is that this is two different skulls from two different animals placed together,well look at them and do you think they fit ?
I most certainly do and the skull the way it forms about the eyes certainly gives the impression of an Humanoid species, is this our Starman ? A relation from the stars ! read about the find here...