Sunday, 28 August 2011

Exotic Alien Species found.

   Discerning truth from lies is a difficult thing to do when investigating the paranormal, Ufology especially, is this truly an Alien form ? an Alien baby found in Mexico. According to the stories given here a Mexican farmer found this exotic species and drowned it, not thinking to preserve it alive.
    Fear perhaps of something strange maybe made him do the unthinkable, or a lack of respect for life in any form.Whatever this creature is or was, we now have lost a valuable source to investigate and prove that life perhaps truly does live beyond this planet.
    DNA has been taken from this creature and information tells us that it does not relate to any known earth bound form of life, so where did it come from and how did it get here ?It is said that other creatures similar perhaps adult types were close to this small Alien being, parents perhaps.
    I recall a story about an Alien baby being found sometime back and the Mexican who killed it was found later to be burned so intensely that nothing on earth could be attributed to it's death. Is this the same find the Alien baby who's mother came back and got fair retribution for the killing of it's child ?

There is a second video here top follow on the story and perhaps throw more light on the subject.