Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Elenin not a dark star.

 Elenin is once again the topic of the week,everyday someone claims there will be a world changing event, due to the incoming Elenin and Nibiru comets. Suggestion of Elenin being a dark star are unfounded with huge proportions that will make it larger than our own Sun. The doomsters are back with a vengeance, I know that the only reason they produce such ridiculous material is to get their readers or visitors to their blogs in high numbers.
      Tracking the path of Elenin or Nibiru can be done easily just by viewing NASA's website, then again if you listen to certain Bloggers NASA isn't to be trusted, well look, they might have hidden the truth about what is actually on the moon and UFOs and Aliens being there , but no way are they hiding something about these two heavenly bodies. Get real and stop flapping about what might happen, enjoy life and think of it this way, if they were correct, then there is nothing you can do about it, right !
    Here's a story about a high alert as scientists are in a quandary as to whether thses comets will affect Earths weather with the incoming   solar storms and electrical interference linked to it.