Friday, 19 August 2011

Elenin, Nibiru and Earth feared Economies.

   You know, I never was convinced of all this paranoia about Comet Elenin and Nibiru bringing the Earth to an end, World in turmoil etc; The truth is certain Bloggers and You tube shall we call them evangalists ! just love to frighten the shit out of us by making such rash claims about astronomical events.
    Nibiru is known to traverse the Earth every three thousand six hundred years and this is how long it takes to make an orbit, I know it's a bloody long time, so what ! space and the solar system is full of strange anomalies and this should keep the conspiracy theorist happy and up to no good for many years to come.
     Go about your daily chores or business, if you have anything to fear it is the governments of the World as they mismanage the economies. It's damned high time we had a real open economy, meaning that there is no interference , that national debt is a lie ! why ? because how if you pay for goods can you have a national debt, most of the money in the World doesn't exist, banks conjure it up out of thin air and then have the cheek to charge interest on it.     See money as debt video
  Did you know that the money that America owes would go to the moon in pallet loads of dollars ! Thirteen and a half trillion dollars, there isn't that much money in the World ! Get real , apparently more money was spent on the US Military last year than on it's people, yes that's right.
    My advice is when Elenin and Nibiru get near to this planet, hop on and hitch a ride as it has to be going somewhere better than this Planet is at this moment in time.