Saturday, 20 August 2011

Elenin and Nibiru the truth

Earth shattering comments from NASA, news of the comet Elenin and Nibiru, time for a reality check some might say.I have to say this,you have been told by myself and a number of other people around the World, astronomers and truth seekers alike, bloggers with good intentions; nothing is going to happen in 2012.
   Time and again you read about the world shattering events that will befall us in December 21 2012, well believe it or not we are all being misled by a few foolish people.Biblical catastrophic events are said to unfurl in the next year that could wipe out all mankind, floods and earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic disturbances.None of this will be because of some heavenly body, maybe there will be earth quakes because there often is ! maybe we could have a tsunami, they happen occasionally, notice how since that one that devastated the coastline of Thailand and other islands a few years back, they have become fashionable.
   Aliens may arrive with great mother ships and other craft and take many with them, I'll go along with that after all I do write a Paranormal Blog about Ufology. Like everything in modern life, we can't take anything for granted and this if or but and when will it happen mentality is getting a bit rich.
   NASA tells us about Elenin and Nibiru and you can either believe the nutcases or believe NASA, like the man says the information comes from Universities from all around the World.
Strange NASAs video by a senior scientist had been removed both from their site and You Tube as well, wonder why, have they been telling porkies ??