Thursday, 25 August 2011

Aliens on Mars

    Aliens from Mars, the red planet seems highly likely ! This is an interesting although questionable group of videos I am about to host here on this Blog. Do Aliens live on mars ? are there actually bases on the moon? and subterranean species on the planet of Mars.
   Given that there is speculation about such species living here on Earth and under the surface, perhaps there is some truth to the matter. Someone on You Tube claims to be a scientist and provides us with several videos purporting to be of Extraterrestrials and confirms our suspicions, that they are here and that they do control us and have done for quite some time.
     I have reason to believe that they do have control absolute and that everything that happens here financially or to do with Wars is ordered down through officials from these species.They are here and will continue to be as long as our governments hide the facts about UFOs.
   Keep an open mind and consider that this may be an elaborate hoax, then again it may be for real !

2nd Video..

3rd Video..

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