Monday, 22 August 2011

Aliens in Turkish UFO

Remember the Turkish UFO that appeared in Marmaris over the last couple of years, a triangular craft that was seen off the coastline during the night and early hours.Many people sighted this UFO and videoed the craft and even it's occupants.
    Much has been written about this sighting and a number of eminent people have tried to analyse the footage over the years.Some have even speculated that you could see the Alien beings inside the triangle craft.Despite my looking at this a number of times, it wasn't clear enough for me to confirm this to be true. Sure enough, there did appear to be something in this talk about extraterrestrials being present in the craft, they just didn't appear clearly enough for me to say yes there are ETs visible.
   After all this time this sighting still draws a lot of attention and so much so , that Turkish authorities have tried to debunk this idea of this being a real UFO and there being occupants that are visible within the craft.Want to see what they found ?