Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Alien underground bases or places of refuge

One of the most amazing stories ever to be told is that of the underground bases that are the hiding places of Extraterrestrial entities.Many bases are supposed to exist, some beneath the Oceans around the World and others beneath the earth itself.
   The Pacific Ocean is one such place that is claimed to have an Alien base, another is under a great mountain, Archuleta Mesa,near Dulce, New Mexico.Reptilian and other species such as greys and even humans are living and working together scientifically, apparently or so they speculate,human hybridisation programs happen under the mountains of New Mexico.
    There is a wealth of information in our history that points to another species or several having lived here and used mankind for it's own ends.Governments and religious places, such as the Vatican, house the truth about mankind and it's origin.
    I've included a video here that tells of a huge underground place in the middle of Turkey, many thousands of years ago it was built,but by who ? Did humankind make it as a refuge from a catastrophe or as a place to hide ? Then again perhaps it was used by other beings, ones from out of space !