Monday, 1 August 2011

Alien telepathic link and Alien visitor

     Aliens, do they visit us in our dreams, perhaps, what of whilst in a relaxed state such as meditation can they surface or appear to us as a vision some what life like almost as if you could reach out and touch them physically. Imagine if all we had to do was meditate and reach a certain state of consciousness and this allows an extraterrestrial to make his presence announced, could we perhaps communicate on a particular level such as telepathy.
     Of the few well known contacts with Aliens throughout history, many have spoken of telepathic communication and that this was the only way they heard what ET had to say. Some have suggested that whilst in contact they would be vague, do Aliens have another agenda than the one they propose to us.It has been said that Aliens will not or cannot communicate in any other way, maybe they have problems with voice control through a genetic fault or this is there only method .
      Is it a communal consciousness amongst Aliens meaning that all talk or respond as one, I would suggest that there are a few controlling Extraterrestrial beings who rule over a subordinate species that although intelligent are servants of the elite.I also would suggest that many so called Alien greys are a genetically cloned and controlled species, disposable as a first contact messenger and this is why we see more of these than humanoid visitors.
     Over the last couple of weeks I have had two women contact me with stories relating to an unusual method of contact or visions of Aliens, this seems to suggest we have more contact with other species than would at first appear to be the case. The first contact case is of a woman in her early forties sitting in a relaxed position and practising meditation, I should say she has had several sightings of UFOs over the years. 
     The second contact with ET was via a hypnotic regression, not because she had been abducted but rather because of some childhood issues. Strange none the less that two women who don't know each other should have similar visions of Alien greys, as has been suggested Extraterrestrials have been here for a long time, thousands of years. Are we indoctrinated with some type of spiritual connection, is our inner self part Alien, part human ?
   You should know that both contactees are authors who have books for sale on Kindle, there is an age difference between them of twenty two years and they live well away from each other in different pats of the USA, they don't know or have any contact with each other.
    There are many investigators who might throw light on the subject and that have been involved in Ufology far longer than I have, then again have they even considered an underlying conscious link with an eternal angel ?
    To read the contact material go to my UFO report site..