Tuesday, 30 August 2011

UFO filmed from International Space Station

Just found this one at You Tube, it shows a UFO from the ISS whilst orbiting the Earth. Not clear as a bell but still worth a look, judging from the distance it first appears I would have to say this is a large craft, despite the film taking four minutes the craft remained in the cameras sights..

Monday, 29 August 2011

UFO Lights over the Bronx

Ufos over the Bronx, well at first it seemed highly likely ! then after watching the video for a while there appeared to be a triangle shape, this stayed for a while and I was kind of convinced we were looking at a real ufo, should say Alien craft.
  More UFOs came into view then the camera went to ground, why ? then up against the sky again, look if it's a real UFO then keep on filming and watching because when these things decide to go , it fast, extremely fast.
   After a while the triangle became something altogether different and I don't mean it morphed ! more lights appeared and I began to think more F*ck*ng Chinese lanterns, don't they just piss you off !
    Lastly why if they were UFOs didn't the camera man try to zoom in, was it a cheap camera ? most people wouldn't know an extraterrestrial craft if they bumped into one !
here's the crap video for you to see yourself..http://youtu.be/Z4XTnKjEqec

Alien incursion or manifestation

Want to debate the truth about UFOs and Aliens then watch this video here by what appears to be God fearing people. Who are these visitors and what do they want ? well, many of us are pretty sure they would like to contact us, however those in higher places do their best to deny such beings exist.
    An analogy of visits from afar, UFOs and even individuals who claim to be married to Aliens, much to debate here.

Extraterrestrial Starmans Skull found

If you visit here regularily, you will remember the post on the Star child  and the differences in the physiology of the skull;here we have an interesting bone structure that defies the human anatomy.
    A large eyed socket skull, that of a bone structure found in Denmark by workmen whilst digging.Some people have suggested it is similar to that of a monkeys skull, so I looked and no way is there any relation. A monkeys skull bulges at the point where the eye sockets are , this does not.

  Do we have more positive proof of extraterrestrial visitors in our past ? it would certainly suggest so ! This is an incredible find and needs more investigation and analysis to find out if there are any genetic and similarities to man in it's DNA.
    First thing that comes to mind is that this is two different skulls from two different animals placed together,well look at them and do you think they fit ?
I most certainly do and the skull the way it forms about the eyes certainly gives the impression of an Humanoid species, is this our Starman ? A relation from the stars ! read about the find here...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Star devoured by Black hole

     Out into the far reaches of space, on a collision course with a Black hole is a Star,not long though as this black hole is devouring everything in sight.NASA this week released a video of what is supposed to have happened to the star as it passed near to this black hole.

Images can be seen here that depict how a black hole engulfs anything that passes near to it, unfortunately the NASA simulated video is short and once again despite NASA's video being available for download, I can't get it at this moment, wonder why ?
Black holes have to be the most powerful; force in the universe, these things act way beyond anything that we could possibly imagine and is a rare find.So to give you the viewers a better choice of video I have chosen one from You Tube( yes it is good for somethings, perhaps not UFOs )..

Exotic Alien Species found.

   Discerning truth from lies is a difficult thing to do when investigating the paranormal, Ufology especially, is this truly an Alien form ? an Alien baby found in Mexico. According to the stories given here a Mexican farmer found this exotic species and drowned it, not thinking to preserve it alive.
    Fear perhaps of something strange maybe made him do the unthinkable, or a lack of respect for life in any form.Whatever this creature is or was, we now have lost a valuable source to investigate and prove that life perhaps truly does live beyond this planet.
    DNA has been taken from this creature and information tells us that it does not relate to any known earth bound form of life, so where did it come from and how did it get here ?It is said that other creatures similar perhaps adult types were close to this small Alien being, parents perhaps.
    I recall a story about an Alien baby being found sometime back and the Mexican who killed it was found later to be burned so intensely that nothing on earth could be attributed to it's death. Is this the same find the Alien baby who's mother came back and got fair retribution for the killing of it's child ?

There is a second video here top follow on the story and perhaps throw more light on the subject.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Robot being deployed in space.

One has to wonder why now have NASA decided to employ a robot in space, surely in the early days of space travel this would have been an ideal candidate for space.The robot appears to be able to connect to any number of devices including a lunar module, for travelling overland on other planets.

    The Robonaut has been up at the space station a while and has only just been unpacked and now is undergoing test before being deployed for various uses around the space station.

Aliens on Mars

    Aliens from Mars, the red planet seems highly likely ! This is an interesting although questionable group of videos I am about to host here on this Blog. Do Aliens live on mars ? are there actually bases on the moon? and subterranean species on the planet of Mars.
   Given that there is speculation about such species living here on Earth and under the surface, perhaps there is some truth to the matter. Someone on You Tube claims to be a scientist and provides us with several videos purporting to be of Extraterrestrials and confirms our suspicions, that they are here and that they do control us and have done for quite some time.
     I have reason to believe that they do have control absolute and that everything that happens here financially or to do with Wars is ordered down through officials from these species.They are here and will continue to be as long as our governments hide the facts about UFOs.
   Keep an open mind and consider that this may be an elaborate hoax, then again it may be for real !

2nd Video..

3rd Video..

Have a nice day now..

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Alien underground bases or places of refuge

One of the most amazing stories ever to be told is that of the underground bases that are the hiding places of Extraterrestrial entities.Many bases are supposed to exist, some beneath the Oceans around the World and others beneath the earth itself.
   The Pacific Ocean is one such place that is claimed to have an Alien base, another is under a great mountain, Archuleta Mesa,near Dulce, New Mexico.Reptilian and other species such as greys and even humans are living and working together scientifically, apparently or so they speculate,human hybridisation programs happen under the mountains of New Mexico.
    There is a wealth of information in our history that points to another species or several having lived here and used mankind for it's own ends.Governments and religious places, such as the Vatican, house the truth about mankind and it's origin.
    I've included a video here that tells of a huge underground place in the middle of Turkey, many thousands of years ago it was built,but by who ? Did humankind make it as a refuge from a catastrophe or as a place to hide ? Then again perhaps it was used by other beings, ones from out of space !

Monday, 22 August 2011

Trojan Asteroid near the Earth.

What with all the fuss about Elenin and Nibiru comets that speculators in the Bloggin World and 'You Tube evangelists' claim will end the planet, this comes as quite a nice change.Trojan Asteroids, yes heavenly bodies that we never knew were there !

    Apparently these Trojan asteroids are close to or near our planet Earth, however have been difficult to see until now.The reason they haven't been visible is because they either move near to the Sun whilst orbiting and behind our planet or just in front of it.
   According to NASA this one won't be crashing into the Earth any time soon..
    Want to know more about it ?

Aliens in Turkish UFO

Remember the Turkish UFO that appeared in Marmaris over the last couple of years, a triangular craft that was seen off the coastline during the night and early hours.Many people sighted this UFO and videoed the craft and even it's occupants.
    Much has been written about this sighting and a number of eminent people have tried to analyse the footage over the years.Some have even speculated that you could see the Alien beings inside the triangle craft.Despite my looking at this a number of times, it wasn't clear enough for me to confirm this to be true. Sure enough, there did appear to be something in this talk about extraterrestrials being present in the craft, they just didn't appear clearly enough for me to say yes there are ETs visible.
   After all this time this sighting still draws a lot of attention and so much so , that Turkish authorities have tried to debunk this idea of this being a real UFO and there being occupants that are visible within the craft.Want to see what they found ?

Sunday, 21 August 2011

UFOs and sighting reports

      Did you ever see something you couldn't
explain,maybe it was lights in the sky, a hot air balloon,Chinese lanterns or foil balloons. Then again maybe just maybe it was an Alien craft, an UFO that can't be explained.I am of the opinion that many sightings are by people who just want to believe in UFOs and Extraterrestrials, unfortunately many are just fooling themselves and occasionally someone has a real experience.
I had an experience back in 1999 you see you can't deny it when a sphere tracks you along a country lane and then afterwards a huge triangle craft seven hundred feet wide and long appears above your head at four thirty am in the morning.
   So we have a story line here that suggests that media reports are becoming quite common regarding UFOs, even that more are being seen and recognised in the evening skies by lots of people.Evidence is supported by video of many news programs with video of the sightings, are they all real ? I doubt it, we can't possibly group them all into one basket. Some might be genuine and others not,one thing for sure they don't appear just because you happen to take a camera out with you !

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Elenin and Nibiru the truth

Earth shattering comments from NASA, news of the comet Elenin and Nibiru, time for a reality check some might say.I have to say this,you have been told by myself and a number of other people around the World, astronomers and truth seekers alike, bloggers with good intentions; nothing is going to happen in 2012.
   Time and again you read about the world shattering events that will befall us in December 21 2012, well believe it or not we are all being misled by a few foolish people.Biblical catastrophic events are said to unfurl in the next year that could wipe out all mankind, floods and earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic disturbances.None of this will be because of some heavenly body, maybe there will be earth quakes because there often is ! maybe we could have a tsunami, they happen occasionally, notice how since that one that devastated the coastline of Thailand and other islands a few years back, they have become fashionable.
   Aliens may arrive with great mother ships and other craft and take many with them, I'll go along with that after all I do write a Paranormal Blog about Ufology. Like everything in modern life, we can't take anything for granted and this if or but and when will it happen mentality is getting a bit rich.
   NASA tells us about Elenin and Nibiru and you can either believe the nutcases or believe NASA, like the man says the information comes from Universities from all around the World.
Strange NASAs video by a senior scientist had been removed both from their site and You Tube as well, wonder why, have they been telling porkies ??

Interview with Former Astronaut Dr.Edgar Mitchell

I've included an interview with Dr.Edgar Mitchell, former Astronaut who spent nine hours walking on the moon. The interview here starts at part 2, reason is there is nothing to listen to other than the TV presenter waffling on for a while. You can watch the first part here then follow on via You Tube for the rest if so inclined.Enjoy your weekend..

UFO over Chinese Airport August 17 2011

This is becoming quite regular, sightings of UFOs over Chinese airports that cause flights to be re-directed. An UFO was seen hovering in the flight paths of aircraft in Chinese airspace.
    Chinese officials once more shut down airspace over the airport and didn't allow incoming aircraft to land, other craft apparently were allowed to take off.
The story takes a while to get to in this news report, however notice the preceding stories where pictures of Chinese lanterns appear, somewhat larger than I have seen here in England. These lanterns would travel much higher and further than normal lanterns, giving the impression of UFOs. I don't suggest that this UFO over the airport is one of these, rather this is what the Koreans saw in the other story line here.

UFOs over Seoul, South Korea !

Unbelievable ! that's what I consider these UFOs sighted in Seoul, South Korea on August 18 2011. A fleet of UFOs is what is described here, I don't think so! this is nothing more than a bunch of balloons floating across the night sky or as is more commonly seen,Chinese lanterns. There is a lot of use of these lanterns and apart from them being a nuisance they cause damage to cattle who try to ingest them.
    Every time I see sensational headlines like this I find it annoying that the so called perpetrators of this scam think that we the general public are stupid.There is nothing extraterrestrial about the appearance of these lighted orbs, they float across the sky and are not in any kind of uniform arrangement, Crap I say.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Space storms tracked from Sun to Earth

With all the fuss about Elenin and NIbiru, one has to wonder why ? Recently we became aware that the alignment of Planets in the solar system affected deeply the weather here on Planet Earth.Tsunamis and earthquakes can be as a direct result of planet alignment, this proportionately will do more harm than the Comets that glance by this World of ours after all many will be as far away as two million miles or more.
The Suns ability to force great clouds of gas or plasma from it's surface will always be more inclined to affect what we endure here on the Planet,Interestingly enough this has always happened but we are still here.There has been a lot more noticeable change in weather patterns over the last two or three years and this almost definitely comes in waves, periodically weather goes through it's motions and unfortunately for some the affects are alarming,destructive and in worse case scenarios can kill some of the Earths inhabitants.
NASA has been investigating the storms on the surface of the Sun and continuously forged ahead with technology to get a birds eye view of what actually happens, this ultimately has led to a break through and we now get an enhanced video of events as they happen, this with solar weather patterns emerging just like we have here with the daily weather reports.

Elenin, Nibiru and Earth feared Economies.

   You know, I never was convinced of all this paranoia about Comet Elenin and Nibiru bringing the Earth to an end, World in turmoil etc; The truth is certain Bloggers and You tube shall we call them evangalists ! just love to frighten the shit out of us by making such rash claims about astronomical events.
    Nibiru is known to traverse the Earth every three thousand six hundred years and this is how long it takes to make an orbit, I know it's a bloody long time, so what ! space and the solar system is full of strange anomalies and this should keep the conspiracy theorist happy and up to no good for many years to come.
     Go about your daily chores or business, if you have anything to fear it is the governments of the World as they mismanage the economies. It's damned high time we had a real open economy, meaning that there is no interference , that national debt is a lie ! why ? because how if you pay for goods can you have a national debt, most of the money in the World doesn't exist, banks conjure it up out of thin air and then have the cheek to charge interest on it.     See money as debt video  http://youtu.be/vVkFb26u9g8
  Did you know that the money that America owes would go to the moon in pallet loads of dollars ! Thirteen and a half trillion dollars, there isn't that much money in the World ! Get real , apparently more money was spent on the US Military last year than on it's people, yes that's right.
    My advice is when Elenin and Nibiru get near to this planet, hop on and hitch a ride as it has to be going somewhere better than this Planet is at this moment in time.
view http://beforeitsnews.com/story/968/802/NL/Comet_Elenin_Wont_Kill_Us,_Says_NASA.html

Thursday, 18 August 2011

UFO escorted by two military jets !

Some incredible footage of an UFO being escorted by two military jets ! Video shows an UFO clearly flying in convoy with two jets in tow as they fly across woodland areas.
This is only a very short video and could be hoax, never the less have a look and see what you think of it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Alien structures on the Moon

Excellent pictures here of structures on the Moon, Scott.C.Waring from Australia a blogger placed these on the web and wants anyone to view and save these pictures of various buildings.Many appear to be transparent but on viewing the still pictures you can definitely see they are above ground and tall structural buildings.

Obviously NASA and the US government will not be happy having these pictures posted all over the internet, do we care ? get yourself over to the website and download as many of these pictures as quickly as you can , before they take them down.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Siberian UFO at Close Quarters

Alien craft seen and photographed in Siberia for a second time, various people have named the craft as it falls into one of a few known categories of UFO.Is the Kemerovo district a hot spot for UFOs and Alien incursions and if so why ?
It isn't a saucer shape or a triangle type craft, so what the hell is this ? 

Crop circle Wiltshire, England

Aren't those men who work for MI5 good at creating these wonderful crop circle designs ? here is another geometric crop circle practiced at home with a spirograph set and painfully made in some irate farmers field in Wiltshire.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Perseid Meteor shower at it's best tonight.

Over the weekend we are seeing a meter shower that will light up the skies, two meteors per second providing you don't suffer the bright full moon. Perseid meteor shower is a yearly offering from the heavens and can be spectacular when watched throughout the night sky.Tonight will be the most spectacular due to the passing of the meteor across the Earth and on it's journey through space.
Here's a link to a more complete story about Perseid and if that's not enough go to the NASA website.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Cattle mutilations on a grand scale.

Great report here by the Sun newspaper about cattle mutilations, since watching a TV program about such happenings it's good to see similarities in the reports. Dulce is also mentioned and if you read my post earlier this year, you will know that Dulce is one of the so called secret bases that is used by the United States government and Aliens.
    Dulce , New Mexico the place where many mutilations took place of cattle , much to the dismay of the farmers who owned them, apparently this was a sacrifice by Alien greys to a higher figure such as a Lord of an extraterrestrial  origin.Please read the story here..

Friday, 12 August 2011

UFO Fleet in orbit about the Sun

Altogether interesting video showing what appears to be UFOs about the Sun, a number of such videos have been made public this year showing objects that appear to be circulating the Sun. Remembering that there is an enormous amount of activity in or on the surface of the planet and occasionally debris or matter will project from the sun when flaring.
     Some of the objects that can be seen are quite clear and spherical looking, most probably large enough for a small planet or huge Asteroid , Comet. It has to be considered that some of the objects maybe Planets or other stars in the vicinity that are way in the distant but are bright enough to see through the aura of the Sun itself.
     If as supposed these are extraterrestrial craft either orbiting or in geostationary positions then they are huge in proportion, probably many miles across in width or diameter. Then again perhaps there is a number of heavenly bodies that rotate about the Suns axis, after all it is considered that gravitational force doesn't really exist.
     UFO technology would be so advanced that craft of this nature would be capable of anti gravity propulsion, meaning that they could stay there indefinitely without being pulled into the Sun.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nemesis Death Star

Light has been thrown on the Nemesis death star theory, long suspected of throwing comets at the Earth from the edge of space. More speculative space debris anomalies that just won't happen, with Elenin and Nibiru supposedly bringing our World and all life to an end, you just have to be grateful that someone has said this isn't a threat.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Elenin not a dark star.

 Elenin is once again the topic of the week,everyday someone claims there will be a world changing event, due to the incoming Elenin and Nibiru comets. Suggestion of Elenin being a dark star are unfounded with huge proportions that will make it larger than our own Sun. The doomsters are back with a vengeance, I know that the only reason they produce such ridiculous material is to get their readers or visitors to their blogs in high numbers.
      Tracking the path of Elenin or Nibiru can be done easily just by viewing NASA's website, then again if you listen to certain Bloggers NASA isn't to be trusted, well look, they might have hidden the truth about what is actually on the moon and UFOs and Aliens being there , but no way are they hiding something about these two heavenly bodies. Get real and stop flapping about what might happen, enjoy life and think of it this way, if they were correct, then there is nothing you can do about it, right !
    Here's a story about a high alert as scientists are in a quandary as to whether thses comets will affect Earths weather with the incoming   solar storms and electrical interference linked to it.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Crop Circle messages of arrival of NIbiru.

Well, I don't know about you ,but I can't help thinking there are some individuals who read far too much into so called coded messages within crop circles. Think on it this way there has to be a number of ways in which we can interpret these circles, mathematically as a number sequence or a warning of doom using interstellar positioning of the planets and comets arriving in the future.
   Now I know that in a certain part of the World, Jaime Maussin is considered something of a messiah when it comes to UFOs, me I am not convinced, personally I think he is just milking it, he never comes across with anything serious enough to get my attention; there is always a lack of information or something to substantiate what he tries to tell the World.
    If you think differently , then that is your prerogative, Watch the video from the link here ....http://youtu.be/dH62Pm7ylFc

Thursday, 4 August 2011

UFO seen near Stanstead airport by BBC Radio reporter.

Startling sighting of an UFO by a popular radio DJ with a description of what the craft looked like that cannot be dismissed. Place of the sighting was Hertfordshire in the early hours of the morning.
     Mike Sewell BBC Radio reporter saw what he describes as a large circular craft flying low and slowly across the countryside and then appearing to hover over field. Listen to the broadcast and description here.  http://youtu.be/rVBWzdBE4ik

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nephilim, Cyclops and Bigfoot relation.

Cyclops, Nephilim and Bigfoot is there a relation ? I was surprised recently to find that Bigfoot apparently has been seen in Florida and Arizona in the USA. Arizona I would have thought as being one of the strangest places on earth for a Bigfoot to reside, it's hot dry desert location would hardly seem to fit in with a creature that has a thick hairy coat and then what of food ?
     Nephilim giants that roamed the Earth many years ago that were anything from eight to fourteen feet tall, the Annunaki too, Cyclops is a much more fabled creature a giant that historically thought of as one from peoples imagination. Here I have found an interesting post on all of these creatures including a possibility that some if not all of them arrived from other planets. http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2011/07/giants-in-americas.html

Monday, 1 August 2011

Alien telepathic link and Alien visitor

     Aliens, do they visit us in our dreams, perhaps, what of whilst in a relaxed state such as meditation can they surface or appear to us as a vision some what life like almost as if you could reach out and touch them physically. Imagine if all we had to do was meditate and reach a certain state of consciousness and this allows an extraterrestrial to make his presence announced, could we perhaps communicate on a particular level such as telepathy.
     Of the few well known contacts with Aliens throughout history, many have spoken of telepathic communication and that this was the only way they heard what ET had to say. Some have suggested that whilst in contact they would be vague, do Aliens have another agenda than the one they propose to us.It has been said that Aliens will not or cannot communicate in any other way, maybe they have problems with voice control through a genetic fault or this is there only method .
      Is it a communal consciousness amongst Aliens meaning that all talk or respond as one, I would suggest that there are a few controlling Extraterrestrial beings who rule over a subordinate species that although intelligent are servants of the elite.I also would suggest that many so called Alien greys are a genetically cloned and controlled species, disposable as a first contact messenger and this is why we see more of these than humanoid visitors.
     Over the last couple of weeks I have had two women contact me with stories relating to an unusual method of contact or visions of Aliens, this seems to suggest we have more contact with other species than would at first appear to be the case. The first contact case is of a woman in her early forties sitting in a relaxed position and practising meditation, I should say she has had several sightings of UFOs over the years. 
     The second contact with ET was via a hypnotic regression, not because she had been abducted but rather because of some childhood issues. Strange none the less that two women who don't know each other should have similar visions of Alien greys, as has been suggested Extraterrestrials have been here for a long time, thousands of years. Are we indoctrinated with some type of spiritual connection, is our inner self part Alien, part human ?
   You should know that both contactees are authors who have books for sale on Kindle, there is an age difference between them of twenty two years and they live well away from each other in different pats of the USA, they don't know or have any contact with each other.
    There are many investigators who might throw light on the subject and that have been involved in Ufology far longer than I have, then again have they even considered an underlying conscious link with an eternal angel ?
    To read the contact material go to my UFO report site.. ufoworldcentral.weebly.com