Wednesday, 20 July 2011

V shaped UFO Armada around the Sun

There has been a number of reports of UFOs hovering about the Sun recently , it's isn't always easy to make out quite what it is they are claiming is visible when such reports are made available on You Tube. Consider that the Gravity pull of the Sun is massive and anything coming within thousands of miles is supposed to get pulled into the Planet.
     So two questions arise in my mind, one how come an UFO would even want to be there in the first place ? secondly if it is an UFO what helps to keep it from falling into the Sun itself, is it anti gravity propulsion keeping it stable ? perhaps this is just a video of an anomaly that can't be explained or is it a real UFO ?
    Remember if you read the recent report of huge explosions on the Sun, then maybe this is matter being ejected..Video link here..