Monday, 4 July 2011

UFOs Losiny Ostrov, Russia are they real ?

      Unidentified objects moving across the night sky in Losiny Ostrov,Moscow, Russia recently.One grouping of lights appears as if a triangle craft,hovering slowly, whilst another group forms a line almost.
     It was the 2nd July 2011 and the video zooms in and out a number of times consequently the film is somewhat jumpy and difficult to focus on.Judging by the light it was early evening,twilight and after a while the triangle drifted and became a line as some of the light configuration faded from view.
    So was this a suspected UFO as in Alien craft ? or just another bunch of Chinese lanterns drifting across the night sky ?    I am inclined to think Chinese lanterns.So how can I tell ? well Chinese lanterns gradually rise up through the atmosphere and fade as they disappear behind thin cloud, disagree then comment....


Unusual formation in their thousands here,apparently UFOs and over the USA, California to be exact.Here we have a camera view in an upward motion and directly pointing to the edge of a building with strong sunlight across the lens.
    As the camera focuses as if magically a fleet of so called UFOs appear, really ! If we were all so gullible we might believe it is so.However most viewers aren't that thick !
    Some smart arse is blowing soap bubbles from the right and the camera catches them as they waft by, giving the impression of objects high in the sky and a strange light refraction gives the impression of UFOs.