Saturday, 30 July 2011

UFOs Aliens and the truth behind Abductions

Startling revelations about the UFO cover up and the Alien greys from Zeta Reticuli  intentions for the people of this planet. What is written here is a statement of the real reason that ET is here and how they use us like cattle to mutilate and dismember for their food and laboratory tests.
The story is so bizarre it's straight out of a science fiction book, cleverly orchestrated in a fashion that no one would believe that we had been infiltrated let alone were being used by another race from outer space.They have been here for a long time and many situations that have occurred throughout history have been planned as a distraction to keep us from knowing the truth.
Much that is here in this statement I have already heard and read about elsewhere, it all correlates each piece fits into the jigsaw and the best thing about it is , most people won't believe it is actually true. 
The consequence is ET has taken over the planet and will continue to rule over us. Reading is shocking and a revelation, sickening to think that a few men gave away our human rights some fifty years ago for a trade off, of technology and then found they had been lied to by the greys and given little in return, the numbers of abductions are possibly in the millions and then there are the missing !