Friday, 8 July 2011

Triangle sighting 1999 Cheshire,England

If you have read the first two posts then you will know that I  am curious about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings and the shapes and  forms that they have appeared to us humans. I've already discussed what appears to be their apparent lack of muscle and their claw like hands, most definitely not suitable for building. But what are their motives and why more often than not are they witnessed travelling in differing craft after dark ? some have been seen in the daytime however darkness offers them the ability to go about their business virtually unnoticed.
     Here is my story about what I witnessed in the early hours of a Sunday morning back in 1999. Whilst travelling home from Warrington after a hard night as a Private hire driver/Taxi driver, approximately 2.30 am in the morning and driving down Warrington road, Moore in the direction of Runcorn and my home I became aware of a light shining to my left and through the windscreen of the car. To my left was a hedge and fields leading to the railway line which is about 130 yards away from the road and the light or Sphere hovered about 35 feet from me and around 18 feet from the ground, it glowed white almost bluish and kept pace with my vehicle.
    At first I  thought it might be a surge of power from the electrified railway line or even ball lighting. I slowed down the car and came to a stop where the sphere of light hovered, I then accelerated up to about thirty miles per hour and saw that the light had kept pace with my vehicle; this was slightly disturbing and I accelerated again and toward the underpass which goes under the Daresbury expressway. Once through the underpass I didn't see this glowing sphere but kept looking just in case it should reappear.

      The obvious explanation for the light was that it was ball lightning but the weather was fine mostly clear skies and dry and I always thought  ball lightning came with bad weather such as an electrical storm. I continued to drive across Windmill hill in the direction of Runcorn east station and my home and didn't see this light or sphere again or at least wasn't aware of it.
    As I turned about a roundabout near to the canal and drove upwards to the railway station through the  woodland and twisting road and had to slow down for the chicane that slows the traffic. I became aware of some lights to my right and above outside my car, so stopped to get a better look. Up above me moving around five to ten miles per hour was a huge triangle craft black and silver in colouration, it was around six or seven hundred feet wide and in length with dark red and green lights around the perimeter of the craft.There was no sound as it moved above the tree line and  the front of the craft was over the Norton water tower.

     I fumbled for the door handle and just as I got hold of it, I looked once again up to this huge UFO only to see  it move slightly quicker and then accelerate and disappear in a moment. I  stood quietly outside my car looking and waiting to see if this thing would return for several minutes but it didn't. Wherever it had gone to it most certainly travelled at a faster rate than any plane could possibly manage, it had gone in a flash.

    Finally realising this UFO wasn't going to return I got back into my car and drove the rest of the way home had a hot drink and went to bed. I never told anyone about this event for a long time, reason is people tend to ridicule others who explain that they have witnessed what I saw that night. I have recently informed my wife and children of what happened that night and why I had never mentioned it before then. Having watched a certain program that deals with UFOs,Aliens and all sorts of unexplained events I decided to contact them with this story which has now been forwarded to a UFO group who study and catalogue such events, the name is BUFOG.
       Finally I forgot to mention when I saw the huge triangle craft I noticed the time on the clock in the car was 4.30 am and I was sure that the time when I saw the ball of light was 2.30 am. so either something else happened or I was mistaken about the time of events.I have been asked if I had considered regression to find out if anything else happened in the early hours of 1999 but since I have no memories other than what I have told you I see no point. I haven't had any strange feelings or flashbacks so am pretty sure nothing did but you never know.