Saturday, 23 July 2011

Norwegian UFO suspicious

Against my better judgement, I feel obliged to place this post on the Norwegian bombing that has just taken place. I saw this video this morning relating to a reported UFO hovering about the tall buildings where the bomb exploded, not wanting to be an alarmist and taking into account the atrocity committed against these people and the insult to their families after so many deaths and injuries.
    The only reason this is being put on this Blog is because I am disgusted by a small minded minority out  there, who see every opportunity to get a few readers to their Blogs or Video channels and disregard the hurt caused by such sensationalist video and show a lack of respect.
    A UFO over the city above the zone where the bomb went off, same story tactics were used as when the Sakurajima Volcano erupted and the Icelandic Volcano erupted and the Tsunami in Japan. I defy anyone to prove to me that these claims of UFOs in the areas at that time are true.
One thing needs to be made clear the video shown here is an RT news broadcast and I am pretty sure some ( Sicko ) has doctored the video, because RT would not want to make such claims at a time like this..
Link to video here...