Sunday, 17 July 2011

Crop Circle Phenomena

Well, once again it's that time of year when artistry appears all over the Earth, what was once an occasional phenomena has now increased into what can only be classed as an industry. Crop circles adorn many a farmers field in the summer months but how and where do they come from, who makes them.
     Spurious accounts prevail of UFOs coming down to within a few feet of the land and creating these geometric patterns, others suspect it is encoded messages and true enough some of those people might just be right.It wasn't too long ago that I remember the evening news reporting such phenomena and many so intrigued went out to the fields and viewed these crop circles themselves.
     If as many think these are encoded signs or messages from ET then why are so many that are geometrically correct ? Take a look at any number of these crop circles and you will find that with a little time and effort you could recreate these patterns using a Spirograph. Is this were these have emanated from ? Children who spent hours making intricate patterns now doing so as adults in the fields just for fun.
    I tried to capture a few photographs on the Internet of crop circles, low and behold many a professional photographer had a catalogue of such images and they were copyrighted, surely this implies something !  Has crop circle making and photographic cataloguing become a lucrative business ?
   Is it possible that some of the people who claim to have decoded some of the messages in the crop circles are also related to those who actually make them ? and the reason they know how to decode these messages is because they may have been in the field at the time the crop circle was formed.
     Perhaps there is some conspiracy going on here, is this just a distraction to take our minds off other things ?  go to or richplanet tv and watch the program on crop circles and you will find out some interesting ideas and realities about who is responsible for these phenomena.