Saturday, 30 July 2011

Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

      Is this paranoia or an hysterical outburst ? we all know that when it comes to telling us the truth politicians have a problem, they circumvent the question and often reply with a question and in this way you never really get the answer your looking for. Often those in places of power will not acknowledge events or reveal to us the true circumstances of such, rather they will talk about something else or may suggest what others say are not entirely true.
    There are many interesting stories and reports revolving around the coming towards Earth of Nibiru and Comet Elenin, scientist say there is nothing to worry about whilst many others who investigate these heavenly bodies have come to different conclusion. Much speculation surrounds the arrival of Nibiru and Comet Elenin, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have been blamed by some for these movements in the solar system.
     Isn't this just speculation after all leading scientists in the field have calculated the movements of these comets and other bodies. Conspiracy theorists believe we are nearing the end of the World, is this a concern for all of us or should we just ignore these people ?
It is known that alignment of certain planets have been responsible for earth shifts and perhaps some of the earthquakes that have happened recently, however do you believe all the hype about the coming of the end of the World ?
     Deep underground bases have been spoken of in various places around the planet, beside the rumours of them being Alien bases for hybridisation of the human species they are also suggested to be bunkers for a world shattering event.Remember many have come forward with statements about the end of the World and been proven wrong, is this just another load of hype put out to scare us ?
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