Sunday, 31 July 2011

Elenin, Nibiru scaremonger film

Some people just seem to love milking a conspiracy for all it's worth, this video is made to frighten dear old ladies in their beds. Making a video like this and not giving any supporting evidence to lend it any credence is just plain nuts !
Enjoy it for the entertainment value, the voice sounds like a public school by from Eton, is he taking the piss ?link is here..

Saturday, 30 July 2011

HAARP weather, mind control and illnesses brought about .

Excellent post here by a fellow Blogger who had his Website closed down, now that on it's own says a lot ! This is an highly informed piece of literature that has come from study or information given directly to him. HAARP and the consequences, fluctuating levels of resonance waves made to cause harm,mind control and illness.
   I have wrote a number of posts on HAARP but nothing as near  to the bone as this, very informative, credible and frightening to think what may be happening on the planet under the control of certain influential people with no morals..,_GWEN_Towers,_and_HAARP_Connection..html

Crop Circle Serpent

Just yesterday a new crop circle evolved, well what else could you say about them, since they aren't all man made. This is very unusual when compared to other crop circles, problem is getting information and inspecting it, you see the farmer who owns the field doesn't want anyone near it,wonder why ?
Still geometrical in shape and style but different, a Serpent with several large circles within it.No doubt someone will claim to have decoded a hidden message in it, MI5  or MI6 perhaps !
here's the link to the pictures..

Space Storm coming 2013

    Somewhat interesting story line here, if you manage to get beyond 21 December 2012 then in 2013 we are going to get the mother of all storms. I can hear the typewriters keys clicking as the conspiracy theorists go to work on this one, Armageddon twice in two years.

Time travel not possible

If you have ever dreamt of travelling back or forth in time to another place then keep on dreaming, outside of a science fiction novel it isn't possible. Scientist conducted tests that prove conclusively that you cannot travel through time. We all know that at sometime in our past most of us have dreamt about going back to the age of the dinosaurs or an interesting historical moment, then again seeing the future would be awesome.

UFOs Aliens and the truth behind Abductions

Startling revelations about the UFO cover up and the Alien greys from Zeta Reticuli  intentions for the people of this planet. What is written here is a statement of the real reason that ET is here and how they use us like cattle to mutilate and dismember for their food and laboratory tests.
The story is so bizarre it's straight out of a science fiction book, cleverly orchestrated in a fashion that no one would believe that we had been infiltrated let alone were being used by another race from outer space.They have been here for a long time and many situations that have occurred throughout history have been planned as a distraction to keep us from knowing the truth.
Much that is here in this statement I have already heard and read about elsewhere, it all correlates each piece fits into the jigsaw and the best thing about it is , most people won't believe it is actually true. 
The consequence is ET has taken over the planet and will continue to rule over us. Reading is shocking and a revelation, sickening to think that a few men gave away our human rights some fifty years ago for a trade off, of technology and then found they had been lied to by the greys and given little in return, the numbers of abductions are possibly in the millions and then there are the missing !

Rods and UFOs,living organisms or craft ?

Have you seen these? rods flying through the air and at fantastic speeds, are they a living organism or some type of craft ? Slow motion cameras have taken close up shots of the rods and show what appears to be an elongated organism with fin like protrusions on there bodies.
Other mysterious objects have been viewed on cameras from the space station, large round saucer shapes of differing sizes flitting about and back again. Are these organisms and if so how big ? up to three miles wide say some observers.View the video and yes I know it's on You tube !

Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

      Is this paranoia or an hysterical outburst ? we all know that when it comes to telling us the truth politicians have a problem, they circumvent the question and often reply with a question and in this way you never really get the answer your looking for. Often those in places of power will not acknowledge events or reveal to us the true circumstances of such, rather they will talk about something else or may suggest what others say are not entirely true.
    There are many interesting stories and reports revolving around the coming towards Earth of Nibiru and Comet Elenin, scientist say there is nothing to worry about whilst many others who investigate these heavenly bodies have come to different conclusion. Much speculation surrounds the arrival of Nibiru and Comet Elenin, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have been blamed by some for these movements in the solar system.
     Isn't this just speculation after all leading scientists in the field have calculated the movements of these comets and other bodies. Conspiracy theorists believe we are nearing the end of the World, is this a concern for all of us or should we just ignore these people ?
It is known that alignment of certain planets have been responsible for earth shifts and perhaps some of the earthquakes that have happened recently, however do you believe all the hype about the coming of the end of the World ?
     Deep underground bases have been spoken of in various places around the planet, beside the rumours of them being Alien bases for hybridisation of the human species they are also suggested to be bunkers for a world shattering event.Remember many have come forward with statements about the end of the World and been proven wrong, is this just another load of hype put out to scare us ?
link to story here..

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Brazilian UFO

It's been a few days now since the UFO over Brazil was revealed, I didn't show it here initially because I am sceptical about it's origin, that's right having had my own UFO experience many years ago I know that this doesn't fall into any category related to UFOs. So what is a normal category ? An unusual type craft illuminated generally with more than just white lights and one blue one, it makes sense that any UFO would have an assortment of different coloured lights for signalling purposes either craft to craft or craft to ground staff.
     UFOs either hover in a stationary orbit or dart about at phenomenal speeds, often so fast that the human eye doesn't perceive the craft at all. Brazil is a hotbed for UFO sightings and one has to wonder about a number of these sightings, always there is someone who likes to play games by trying to fool the rest of us. 
        I'm going to state categorically this isn't an Alien or extraterrestrial craft, furthermore it isn't a Black operational craft either from the USA. It is probably something hanging from underneath some gas filled balloon with a remote power supply for the lights. More fool you if you believe this isn't an earth bound anomaly !  here is the link to the video..

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Norwegian UFO suspicious

Against my better judgement, I feel obliged to place this post on the Norwegian bombing that has just taken place. I saw this video this morning relating to a reported UFO hovering about the tall buildings where the bomb exploded, not wanting to be an alarmist and taking into account the atrocity committed against these people and the insult to their families after so many deaths and injuries.
    The only reason this is being put on this Blog is because I am disgusted by a small minded minority out  there, who see every opportunity to get a few readers to their Blogs or Video channels and disregard the hurt caused by such sensationalist video and show a lack of respect.
    A UFO over the city above the zone where the bomb went off, same story tactics were used as when the Sakurajima Volcano erupted and the Icelandic Volcano erupted and the Tsunami in Japan. I defy anyone to prove to me that these claims of UFOs in the areas at that time are true.
One thing needs to be made clear the video shown here is an RT news broadcast and I am pretty sure some ( Sicko ) has doctored the video, because RT would not want to make such claims at a time like this..
Link to video here...

Alien Abduction or Demonic Plague

Alien Abduction or Demonic plague, studies into the history of modern man and so called Alien abduction program has brought the attention of scientists and other interested parties into the ring of investigation. Similarities have been noticed between modern Abductions and their reason for such taking place and the times of Noah, Nephilim and Nibiru coming to the Planet with end times reached by many.
      Are the Abductors of an Alien species that are unknown or perhaps a group of Demons that have been around for along time, steadily playing around with our genetic code and creating an hybrid colony here on the Earth.Interesting study on the alien abduction process and ulterior motives, intertwined with old religious ideology and biblical stories.  link here..

UFO World sightings of UFOs !

      Video showing what is supposed to be a number of UFO sightings which are debatable, first sighting is claimed to be over Lincolnshire , England showing a set of white hovering lights. then the video moves on to other sightings and you can hear voices describing what they see in the night sky, all rather vague but wait what is that I can hear, fireworks going off, he has to be joking no one goes looking for UFOs on fireworks night, whether it's Guy Fawkes or not the sky will light up with all manner of colours and lights darting about. Note the Video maker he seems to get around to all the best UFO sightings in the World, not !
link here..

Friday, 22 July 2011

2012 and light beings

There are those who believe that come December 21, 2012 that many of us will become light beings, that there will be a change in the planet known as Gaia another word for Earth. We will transform from the bodies that we now inhabit and become light in what is considered a dimensional shift, this is what is termed a shift from the third dimension to a fifth dimension of light.
    Many conspiracy theorists also believe that December 21, 2012 is the time when the World will end, that perhaps Alien life forms will arrive in huge craft and take a substantial number of us away from this planet. Some believe that any visitors from space will take anyone foolish enough to go with them and that this may be a big mistake. Other claim to be in contact with relatives, brothers and so on , on a regular basis and this is one planet of many that we will reside on in our many different lives, I unfortunately can't draw any conclusion as to what is or may be correct.
Draw your own conclusions after reading the following story..

Black holes standing on the edge.

Wouldn't it be interesting if you could put one foot on the edge of a black hole, in what place and what time might you be in ?A Scientist I know claims that on the precipice of a black hole you would most certainly be in the past, but not the same past that I would be standing in I still don't have my head completely around this theory yet.
    One thing is for sure you wouldn't be standing around long, you would be drawn into oblivion since a black hole is a nothingness, yes, virtually nothing exist due to the fact that whatever was there in the first place collapsed and created what you stand on the edge of, this is merely theory since no one has actually ever got near to a blackhole. Fancy having a look at one ? then go to this link..

Comet Elenin And YU55 Latest News

Much has been said about the coming of Comet Elenin and some speculate about what is travelling behind it. Space craft hidden behind Elenin and travelling toward our planet, certainly a good way to cross huge distances of space by hitching a ride or in this case a tow in the slip stream.
You just got to love the imagination of these people who come up with all manner of notions about the trailing deris that is tumbling behind the Comet.follow the link..

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Planetoid Vesta

Here's an update on the story surrounding the Planetoid Vesta, this is where NASA have sent their latest satellite to investigate.Good read with plenty of close up pictures sent back to Earth.

Shocking NASA reversals reveal Mars,Space secrets

Suggestive radio station interview about Mars and other space secrets including information about Roswell.The ultimate landing Roswell will always be in our sights when it comes to finding out the truth.
link is here..

UFO over Italy

A new UFO sighting has come about showing what appears to be a ball like structure out at sea and moving across the sky.The UFO appears then reappears as if giving the impression it becomes invisible some of the time.I'm not convinced by bad videos and can't understand why if they have time aren't able to steady the camera somehow.
    When looked at closely the UFO looks like a rocket or jet plane flaring at the rear, I'm inclined to think this is a fighter jet with after burner on, this would account for the flaring and ball like structure appearing then disappearing.
Is this an UFO or just a Air force jet going out to sea ?here is the link..

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

V shaped UFO Armada around the Sun

There has been a number of reports of UFOs hovering about the Sun recently , it's isn't always easy to make out quite what it is they are claiming is visible when such reports are made available on You Tube. Consider that the Gravity pull of the Sun is massive and anything coming within thousands of miles is supposed to get pulled into the Planet.
     So two questions arise in my mind, one how come an UFO would even want to be there in the first place ? secondly if it is an UFO what helps to keep it from falling into the Sun itself, is it anti gravity propulsion keeping it stable ? perhaps this is just a video of an anomaly that can't be explained or is it a real UFO ?
    Remember if you read the recent report of huge explosions on the Sun, then maybe this is matter being ejected..Video link here..

Hopi Prophecy Blue Star Kachina is Comet Holmes?

The Hopi prophecy is it about to come true ? so when the Blue star appears the fifth world should emerge.This coming of the Blue star is meant to be the great purification period before 2012. What do you think of 2012 ? is this pure supposition or a prophecy about to become true.

UFOs over Tiawan

Excellent video here of two UFOs flying around one of the tallest towers in the World,Taipei Towers 101, Taiwan to be precise. Good enough to view the actual shape of the craft.,_July_16th.html

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Space shuttle's science brought payoffs to Earth

The Space Shuttle is at the end of it's life and whilst it never achieved what some might call the greatest adventure ever of man and Astronaut in time, it has certainly brought some advantages to us all. Cool socks and baby food and a lot more too..

NASA Probe Enters Orbit Around Planetoid Vesta

You'll begin to notice different types of post here to supplement what I usually write, it helps to give an insight as to what we as humans are doing in our endeavour to take command of Space and explore other regions and Planets. Here is an interesting post on one such heavenly body.

New life on other Planets..

Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the institute of applied Astronomy speaks about finding new life forms on other Planets and how we could recognise them.
video and report here..

Sun becomes hyperactive !

Claims there has been increasing activity on the Sun are supported here in a report and some short video of the explosions on the surface.

UFO crop circles..Alien connection Proven. 
Here we have a written report about crop circles and who makes them, good material considering I only wrote about them the other day.
It's nice to have an alternative view on the subject.

Brown dwarfs on the horizon
It would appear that we have some newly found relatives in the star system, brown dwarfs neither a planet nor a star, failed suns that are approaching fast.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Crop Circle Phenomena

Well, once again it's that time of year when artistry appears all over the Earth, what was once an occasional phenomena has now increased into what can only be classed as an industry. Crop circles adorn many a farmers field in the summer months but how and where do they come from, who makes them.
     Spurious accounts prevail of UFOs coming down to within a few feet of the land and creating these geometric patterns, others suspect it is encoded messages and true enough some of those people might just be right.It wasn't too long ago that I remember the evening news reporting such phenomena and many so intrigued went out to the fields and viewed these crop circles themselves.
     If as many think these are encoded signs or messages from ET then why are so many that are geometrically correct ? Take a look at any number of these crop circles and you will find that with a little time and effort you could recreate these patterns using a Spirograph. Is this were these have emanated from ? Children who spent hours making intricate patterns now doing so as adults in the fields just for fun.
    I tried to capture a few photographs on the Internet of crop circles, low and behold many a professional photographer had a catalogue of such images and they were copyrighted, surely this implies something !  Has crop circle making and photographic cataloguing become a lucrative business ?
   Is it possible that some of the people who claim to have decoded some of the messages in the crop circles are also related to those who actually make them ? and the reason they know how to decode these messages is because they may have been in the field at the time the crop circle was formed.
     Perhaps there is some conspiracy going on here, is this just a distraction to take our minds off other things ?  go to or richplanet tv and watch the program on crop circles and you will find out some interesting ideas and realities about who is responsible for these phenomena.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Invisibilty Cloaking could be for real..

So you read all the Marvel comics as a boy just like me, but you still dream about being a super hero.Now could be your chance, stealth invisibility product might or might not materialise; depends on which way you look at it really..


More depressing news about the state of the Planet, secret documents withheld from prying public eyes.Mass starvation, food shortages and rising seas amongst other problems..

Earth changes imminent

Strange weather affects all parts of the planet, even the driest desert in the World gets an alternative dose !


More catastrophic Earth changes coming our way..Icelandic Volcano ready to burst !


Friday, 8 July 2011

Triangle sighting 1999 Cheshire,England

If you have read the first two posts then you will know that I  am curious about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings and the shapes and  forms that they have appeared to us humans. I've already discussed what appears to be their apparent lack of muscle and their claw like hands, most definitely not suitable for building. But what are their motives and why more often than not are they witnessed travelling in differing craft after dark ? some have been seen in the daytime however darkness offers them the ability to go about their business virtually unnoticed.
     Here is my story about what I witnessed in the early hours of a Sunday morning back in 1999. Whilst travelling home from Warrington after a hard night as a Private hire driver/Taxi driver, approximately 2.30 am in the morning and driving down Warrington road, Moore in the direction of Runcorn and my home I became aware of a light shining to my left and through the windscreen of the car. To my left was a hedge and fields leading to the railway line which is about 130 yards away from the road and the light or Sphere hovered about 35 feet from me and around 18 feet from the ground, it glowed white almost bluish and kept pace with my vehicle.
    At first I  thought it might be a surge of power from the electrified railway line or even ball lighting. I slowed down the car and came to a stop where the sphere of light hovered, I then accelerated up to about thirty miles per hour and saw that the light had kept pace with my vehicle; this was slightly disturbing and I accelerated again and toward the underpass which goes under the Daresbury expressway. Once through the underpass I didn't see this glowing sphere but kept looking just in case it should reappear.

      The obvious explanation for the light was that it was ball lightning but the weather was fine mostly clear skies and dry and I always thought  ball lightning came with bad weather such as an electrical storm. I continued to drive across Windmill hill in the direction of Runcorn east station and my home and didn't see this light or sphere again or at least wasn't aware of it.
    As I turned about a roundabout near to the canal and drove upwards to the railway station through the  woodland and twisting road and had to slow down for the chicane that slows the traffic. I became aware of some lights to my right and above outside my car, so stopped to get a better look. Up above me moving around five to ten miles per hour was a huge triangle craft black and silver in colouration, it was around six or seven hundred feet wide and in length with dark red and green lights around the perimeter of the craft.There was no sound as it moved above the tree line and  the front of the craft was over the Norton water tower.

     I fumbled for the door handle and just as I got hold of it, I looked once again up to this huge UFO only to see  it move slightly quicker and then accelerate and disappear in a moment. I  stood quietly outside my car looking and waiting to see if this thing would return for several minutes but it didn't. Wherever it had gone to it most certainly travelled at a faster rate than any plane could possibly manage, it had gone in a flash.

    Finally realising this UFO wasn't going to return I got back into my car and drove the rest of the way home had a hot drink and went to bed. I never told anyone about this event for a long time, reason is people tend to ridicule others who explain that they have witnessed what I saw that night. I have recently informed my wife and children of what happened that night and why I had never mentioned it before then. Having watched a certain program that deals with UFOs,Aliens and all sorts of unexplained events I decided to contact them with this story which has now been forwarded to a UFO group who study and catalogue such events, the name is BUFOG.
       Finally I forgot to mention when I saw the huge triangle craft I noticed the time on the clock in the car was 4.30 am and I was sure that the time when I saw the ball of light was 2.30 am. so either something else happened or I was mistaken about the time of events.I have been asked if I had considered regression to find out if anything else happened in the early hours of 1999 but since I have no memories other than what I have told you I see no point. I haven't had any strange feelings or flashbacks so am pretty sure nothing did but you never know.

Monday, 4 July 2011

UFOs Losiny Ostrov, Russia are they real ?

      Unidentified objects moving across the night sky in Losiny Ostrov,Moscow, Russia recently.One grouping of lights appears as if a triangle craft,hovering slowly, whilst another group forms a line almost.
     It was the 2nd July 2011 and the video zooms in and out a number of times consequently the film is somewhat jumpy and difficult to focus on.Judging by the light it was early evening,twilight and after a while the triangle drifted and became a line as some of the light configuration faded from view.
    So was this a suspected UFO as in Alien craft ? or just another bunch of Chinese lanterns drifting across the night sky ?    I am inclined to think Chinese lanterns.So how can I tell ? well Chinese lanterns gradually rise up through the atmosphere and fade as they disappear behind thin cloud, disagree then comment....


Unusual formation in their thousands here,apparently UFOs and over the USA, California to be exact.Here we have a camera view in an upward motion and directly pointing to the edge of a building with strong sunlight across the lens.
    As the camera focuses as if magically a fleet of so called UFOs appear, really ! If we were all so gullible we might believe it is so.However most viewers aren't that thick !
    Some smart arse is blowing soap bubbles from the right and the camera catches them as they waft by, giving the impression of objects high in the sky and a strange light refraction gives the impression of UFOs.