Saturday, 25 June 2011

UFOs over India,China and Chile .

Interesting video here of an UFO sighted by a local man in India, he used a mobile telephone to record the event as it moved about the sky. Unusually clear evidence is hard to come by but this looks pretty clear to me.The place is called Loktak Lake,Manipur,India.

Witness is seen here describing the sighting and shows clearly how he filmed this UFO on his phone.

More recent sightings of UFOs over China, what appears to be a fleet of craft moving slowly across the night sky.These are similar to such sightings as seen over the USA and Mexico recently.

Startling evidence of UFO activity around another volcano, this time Puyehue,Chile. Look at this one closely it shows several spheres as group and I can't be sure whether this is a group of UFOs or one with an unusual configuration,amazing photograph !