Sunday, 19 June 2011

UFO Irkutsk,Russia reported crashed recently.

     Not too long ago I informed you of an Alien craft ( UFO) that was supposed to have been seen by many of the towns folk of Irkutsk, Russia.The craft was seen to descend and considered to have crashed however nothing else has been heard about the event,until now.
      Russian media was ushered quiet and reports stopped coming out about UFOs and other strange events, now a video showing a saucer type craft being hauled across the sky by what appears to be a military helicopter.
    This is the first time that the Russian authorities seemingly closed ranks and stopped reports of such events  being spoken of throughout the media, both at home and abroad.Is this the earlier reported UFO from the Irkutsk region ? 
Irkutsk is a hotbed for sightings of UFOs and has been for some time..view the video here..