Friday, 17 June 2011

UFO at Orlando Airport

UFO at Orlando Airport appearing from a cloud formation near to the plane that is about to land.I've never seen anything like this before where a UFO apparently leaves a cloud just as a plane is about to land,strange the UFO should be in the cloud at all.

   Since UFOs are known to fly at astonishing speeds one wonders what it was doing at this height some two hundred feet above ground, observing the airport perhaps ! Nice try mister film maker, your not fooling anyone.Anyone gullible enough to think this is for real should go and bury their head ! 
Isn't it amazing the amount of camera tricks we see everyday on You Tube by budding film makers, maybe they should try editing their films and taking them to the movies !!
Looking down the You Tube list of UFO videos you find the same film and it says for entertainment purposes, why didn't they say so in the first place !!perhaps they were a slight bit embarrassed...HO ! HUM !!