Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pennysylvania UFOs

Interesting video that proposes there have been a number of UFOs over Pennsylvania, USA recently, June 2011.Different video shots and camera angles as well as different types of camera have been used,suggesting a team of individuals going out to look for UFOs deliberately or intentionally.

    I have my doubts about anyone who intentionally goes out with the hope of finding a UFO let alone film it ,the chances of something happening whilst deliberately searching for UFOs are remote.Having a sighting or contact with an Alien craft (UFO) is a just by chance event, they don't turn up just because you brought your camera along.Unfortunately your mind does play tricks by allowing you to believe that what you are seeing is unexplained and as a consequence you think UFO,Alien craft and visitors from outer space !
    The video does portray some interesting aspects and flight characteristics much like a helicopter and no I am not convinced by what the film maker says that he checked them out and that they weren't helicopters, he after all wants us to believe that what he displays here on You Tube is genuine.
You are free to make your own interpretation here much like the film makers, be constructive in your views and try and decide is this for real ?
I personally err on the side of not wanting to believe this video, reason is this team make films over Pennysylvania regularly, are they nuts ?  who knows !
Hey! maybe they are bringing Glenn Miller back after all these years !!and I don't mean the astronaut rather the jazz musician..