Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cyborgs,Illuminati and the disinformation program !

       Recently I watched a paranormal program and an individual claimed to have been an assassin for secret services and had killed in excess of twelve people. Interestingly I have just found another video with the same individual, talking about cloning and the Alien program ongoing here and the USA.
    No one person is privy to the information that is outlined here by this man, let alone an assassin. As with a previous story on my Blog about Dave Marrow and super soldiers,I have the distinct feeling someone is trying to mislead the paranormal fraternity.
      In the realms of the Illuminati and the secret society, Military projects, black and otherwise;no one individual has clearance or the information that this man claims to know about Alien intervention and the cloning or hybridisation programs taking place here on Earth.
    Study the video intensely and watch the body language as he speaks, arms seemingly pulling answers from out of the air. The hand eye movements give me the impression he is working his way around a table picking up bits of information as he answers questions, much like a gambler counts cards, this man uses a similar technique.
   Is he an acting MI6 plant sent to distort the truth ? this happened with the crop circles, were paid groups were sent out to create crop circles, usually people recruited from university and high intellectual types working for the intelligent services.
      Then again maybe he has been recruited or works for the group Anonymous, who's sole intention at present is to bring the attention of the World to UFOs and Alien contact.
video here..