Saturday, 25 June 2011

UFOs over India,China and Chile .

Interesting video here of an UFO sighted by a local man in India, he used a mobile telephone to record the event as it moved about the sky. Unusually clear evidence is hard to come by but this looks pretty clear to me.The place is called Loktak Lake,Manipur,India.

Witness is seen here describing the sighting and shows clearly how he filmed this UFO on his phone.

More recent sightings of UFOs over China, what appears to be a fleet of craft moving slowly across the night sky.These are similar to such sightings as seen over the USA and Mexico recently.

Startling evidence of UFO activity around another volcano, this time Puyehue,Chile. Look at this one closely it shows several spheres as group and I can't be sure whether this is a group of UFOs or one with an unusual configuration,amazing photograph !

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cyborgs,Illuminati and the disinformation program !

       Recently I watched a paranormal program and an individual claimed to have been an assassin for secret services and had killed in excess of twelve people. Interestingly I have just found another video with the same individual, talking about cloning and the Alien program ongoing here and the USA.
    No one person is privy to the information that is outlined here by this man, let alone an assassin. As with a previous story on my Blog about Dave Marrow and super soldiers,I have the distinct feeling someone is trying to mislead the paranormal fraternity.
      In the realms of the Illuminati and the secret society, Military projects, black and otherwise;no one individual has clearance or the information that this man claims to know about Alien intervention and the cloning or hybridisation programs taking place here on Earth.
    Study the video intensely and watch the body language as he speaks, arms seemingly pulling answers from out of the air. The hand eye movements give me the impression he is working his way around a table picking up bits of information as he answers questions, much like a gambler counts cards, this man uses a similar technique.
   Is he an acting MI6 plant sent to distort the truth ? this happened with the crop circles, were paid groups were sent out to create crop circles, usually people recruited from university and high intellectual types working for the intelligent services.
      Then again maybe he has been recruited or works for the group Anonymous, who's sole intention at present is to bring the attention of the World to UFOs and Alien contact.
video here..

Sunday, 19 June 2011

UFO Irkutsk,Russia reported crashed recently.

     Not too long ago I informed you of an Alien craft ( UFO) that was supposed to have been seen by many of the towns folk of Irkutsk, Russia.The craft was seen to descend and considered to have crashed however nothing else has been heard about the event,until now.
      Russian media was ushered quiet and reports stopped coming out about UFOs and other strange events, now a video showing a saucer type craft being hauled across the sky by what appears to be a military helicopter.
    This is the first time that the Russian authorities seemingly closed ranks and stopped reports of such events  being spoken of throughout the media, both at home and abroad.Is this the earlier reported UFO from the Irkutsk region ? 
Irkutsk is a hotbed for sightings of UFOs and has been for some time..view the video here..

Friday, 17 June 2011

UFO at Orlando Airport

UFO at Orlando Airport appearing from a cloud formation near to the plane that is about to land.I've never seen anything like this before where a UFO apparently leaves a cloud just as a plane is about to land,strange the UFO should be in the cloud at all.

   Since UFOs are known to fly at astonishing speeds one wonders what it was doing at this height some two hundred feet above ground, observing the airport perhaps ! Nice try mister film maker, your not fooling anyone.Anyone gullible enough to think this is for real should go and bury their head ! 
Isn't it amazing the amount of camera tricks we see everyday on You Tube by budding film makers, maybe they should try editing their films and taking them to the movies !!
Looking down the You Tube list of UFO videos you find the same film and it says for entertainment purposes, why didn't they say so in the first place !!perhaps they were a slight bit embarrassed...HO ! HUM !!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Pennysylvania UFOs

Interesting video that proposes there have been a number of UFOs over Pennsylvania, USA recently, June 2011.Different video shots and camera angles as well as different types of camera have been used,suggesting a team of individuals going out to look for UFOs deliberately or intentionally.

    I have my doubts about anyone who intentionally goes out with the hope of finding a UFO let alone film it ,the chances of something happening whilst deliberately searching for UFOs are remote.Having a sighting or contact with an Alien craft (UFO) is a just by chance event, they don't turn up just because you brought your camera along.Unfortunately your mind does play tricks by allowing you to believe that what you are seeing is unexplained and as a consequence you think UFO,Alien craft and visitors from outer space !
    The video does portray some interesting aspects and flight characteristics much like a helicopter and no I am not convinced by what the film maker says that he checked them out and that they weren't helicopters, he after all wants us to believe that what he displays here on You Tube is genuine.
You are free to make your own interpretation here much like the film makers, be constructive in your views and try and decide is this for real ?
I personally err on the side of not wanting to believe this video, reason is this team make films over Pennysylvania regularly, are they nuts ?  who knows !
Hey! maybe they are bringing Glenn Miller back after all these years !!and I don't mean the astronaut rather the jazz musician..

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

UFO videos, all spoofs !

Is this the onset of the bogus UFOs promised by the group Anonymous ?Pretty poor showing if you ask me, especially since several of these videos are made by the same person.
Video 1 here..

     Notice the bars either side of the UFO craft and as the picture moves sideways the bars stay with the craft, bogus video !

Video 2 here..

Look at how the supposed UFO comes into view from the left of the picture and goes away from us to the right of the picture..Another spoof video !

Once again the same video maker and he is using the same ploy, from left to 3..