Tuesday, 17 May 2011

UFOs surface in the Gulf of Aden !

    Is this new evidence of a Stargate portal in the Gulf of Aden, what was news several months ago has now resurfaced and has captured the imagination of our friends at You Tube.
   Different pictures reveal what appears to be three unknown objects in the Gulf of Aden, with supposedly Military ships guarding the area.The objects are of an outlandish size for UFOs and one wonders why they are to be seen at or near the surface of the ocean.UFOs are usually seen moving at an alarming rate if at all, not as would appear in this video and pictures that is being promoted as of now.
    What attracts my attention more than anything is the person who is promoting this gaff ! an amuteur You Tube video maker who seems to have all manner of information regarding UFOs all over the World, he must have one hell of a social network !
danileofdorian don't forget the name when looking for bullshit on You Tube.here is his video..