Saturday, 28 May 2011

UFOs and video shows.

Some what interesting video here, for the purpose of entertainment it's worth the watch however it is difficult to say what is true and which isn't here ! Similarities are made to fictional films and recent events portrayed around the World usually via You Tube.I know a lot of what is on You Tube is bull ! thanks to certain individuals who have an over active imagination and no brain.
    Some of the events are debatable and for this reason I am showing them today, that and the lack of decent and real UFO sightings over the last month.Yes, there have been number of events shown on other Blogs and I have not shown them, probably because I don't think they are worth displaying, it's basically down to whether you want to be honest with yourself and your audience or just get lot's of visitors to your site.I prefer to be honest to my visitors.Here is the video link..