Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sakurajima UFOs and false flag reporting !

    It would seem the conspiracy surrounding the Sakurajima Volcano continues, now Jamie Maussan has made a televised edition of the so called UFOs seen around the volcano.On this video he lends credence to story of the UFOs and their positioning about this volcano.
    To start off with this film is bad and just like many UFO videos portrayed on You Tube is blurred so you really can't recognise exactly what is in the Sky at night time.There are objects that appear to be moving in toward the centre of the volcanic mass and clouds of dust. Other objects appear to be moving across the night sky in different directions and once again are not clearly observed.

       The obvious explanation for the lights moving across the night sky is that they are aeroplanes on routes and because of the time lapsed film they are blurred and consequently give some people the impression that they might be UFOs. The lights that are considered to be UFOs moving in closely to the centre of the volcano are just stars, yes, that's right they are stars in the night sky.
      Having a good imagination helps to give people the impression that what they first think or see is correct, rather than analysing the pictures or video and coming to another conclusion. 
    These shots,videos or film of so called UFOs were taken by web cameras and this means that you get a shot or picture of the night sky and the volcano every thirty seconds or so, anything that is moving within the time frame will become blurred. Did you ever see a time lapse shot of traffic at night in a city ? you don't see many cars however you do see lot's of intertwining red and white lines along the photograph.
     So what UFOs ? there were none, you heard me right and I know there are some candid shots of a triangle UFO from Iceland, but believe me this isn't convincing at all; blurred video is bad video and time lapse gives the impression of something happening when it isn't. If a star is videoed over a time lapse then it will appear in this case to be moving downward toward the volcano, not true ! it is just moving with the night sky as the Earth rotates..........Enough said !!