Sunday, 22 May 2011

Reticulan greys and UFOs over Canada.

Further evidence perhaps of reticulan greys visiting the US government, this tape follows on from one released recently showing a single reticulan grey known as skinny Bob. The film only last a short while and is of poor quality.
here is the video..


Video once again showing a supposed Armada of UFOs travelling across the night sky in Canada.It almost looks like a display of star constellations in the night..
video here..


Don't forget,yesterday was supposed to be the end of the World according to some crack pot, however I am still here and I consider you are too unless we are all a figment of some ones imagination.
     Today also is the 22 May 2011 and the Anonymous group is putting out all manner of strange and curios videos via You Tube and other stories into Blogs and internet sites making false claims about UFO sightings.The reason they say is to make people aware of the UFOs and Alien presence, so beware anything posted today and that includes these videos here..