Monday, 23 May 2011

Nazi UFOs and South American bases.

      Around twenty five years ago a friend gave me a paper back that was altogether intriguing, a story about Nazi Germany and UFOs and the technology used.It was an inspirational book and opened your mind to what may have happened to all that interesting technology and hard work that was involved in building alternative craft.
      Then Russians and Americans after the war, couldn't get hold of the scientists involved quick enough.Both countries were desperate not to have the other get hold of what was considered to be advanced propulsion.
    I have just found another revealing story and this is written by a German, who no doubt was around at the time of the war and the transfer of some of the technologies.What of the technological oddities that Russia and America didn't manage to get their hands on ?
    Is there some truth in the rumours of South American UFO bases and if so,is this where much of the sightings of recent have come from ? Is much of the now seen UFOs in the skies all down to the inventions made in the second World war.. Guaranteed to get your senses going and the mind doing over time..
Read the story here to find out...