Saturday, 21 May 2011

MJ-12, Global control and UFOs..

Dark and mysterious powers that strive to take away the rights of the individual, continue to control our Planet.War is a tool of those who have money, yours and my life count for nothing ! Power ultimately is what they strive for, absolute control of everything .
    Every UFO site and Blog worth it's salt has been trying to tell this story for years, especially since the introduction of the internet. Governments are now bearing down on the likes of YOU Tube and are telling them to stop the publication of the truth,Conspiracy theorist will not be allowed to give you and me an alternative reality, one that tells the real truth about was has happened and is to come.
This video put's it plainly into the public domain and tells the truth about UFOs and those who conspire to control the World..
view the video here..

This Monday an interesting story about the third reich, Nazi Germany and UFOs in south America...