Saturday, 21 May 2011

Iran nuclear and USA false statements.

Iran and Hezbollah described as supporting Al-Queda terrorists and paying for travel before and after 9/11 attacks.
     This story must have dropped out of fairy land or the sky,America has had Iran in it's sights for many years now, the US has fabricated evidence to try and substantiate that Iran has nuclear weapons.
      When the USA and the UK with some of Europe decided to invade Iraq they came up with this cock and bull story about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction,it turned out to be untrue.For some years now the USA has been engaged in a debate as to whether Iran has the capability for nuclear defence, just because they have been building nuclear power stations.
    Why shouldn't they build power stations that are nuclear, America has them and the UK as well as many other countries; it doesn't mean they want nuclear power so they can build nuclear bombs.The truth here is that whilst some of the West and far eastern countries enjoy nuclear power, they just don't want others to benefit.
    America the UK and some other European factions don't want Iran to have nuclear for when they propose to invade Iran, it's been on the cards since the invasion of Iraq.There is a global plan for take over of much of the World by the USA and when most larger countries especially in the Arab states have been brought to their knees the hope is that other smaller countries will not retaliate against western policies for the instating of the New World Order.
       To infer now that Iran is responsible either for helping Al-Queda terrorists or giving them a place of refuge is incomprehensible, unless of course you were looking for an excuse to invade that country.
    There has been much debate about the 9/11 attacks and the finger points toward certain individuals within the USA,many groups have been formed and a lot of evidence has been gathered to prove it was an inside job,yet here we have the US government once again trying to fool all of us.
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